Express your unique brilliance with words that seduce and sell.*
*Words that make your dream clients fall in love with—and buy from—YOU. 

Nadja Eriksson | Copywriter & Brand Strategist

Want to communicate with impact, serve more clients, and grow your income with words that make your ideal customers fall in love with you? You’ve come to the right place.

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Get the right words that seduce and sell

I’m here to help you grow your business — through the words on your website, your blog posts, your social media profiles, your sales pages, your brand stories, your email campaigns, and anywhere else you want to stand out from the crowd — with copy that connects and converts your ideal clients into returning customers and faithful fans. All while you're busy serving the world with your awesome gifts. 

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Are you an entrepreneur, business, or agency who needs writing that gets people excited about you, makes them buy from you, and spreads the word about you? 

You need words that…

  • Sound like you.

  • Sell your products and services. 

  • Make clients fall in love with you. 

  • Make you unforgettable in people’s minds.

  • Establish you as an authority in your industry.

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Working with Nadja has been empowering, motivating, and refreshing.

While helping me widen my horizon and dream bigger, she is grounded and realistic. The fact that she has experience coaching people around sexuality and female empowerment was so useful for me. Nadja understood me right away, and I can see that in the website copy she wrote for me I love it so much it made me cry. Thank you again, Nadja!


-Lore Blanke, Embodiment Coach, Belgium


When I first received one of Nadja's newsletters, I just knew I wanted to work with her


Her way of expressing herself with confidence is exactly how I wanted to be able to express myself. So I booked a VIP-day consulting intensive with Nadja and was blown away by the results. Nadja guided me into my brand strategy and figuring out who my ideal customer is. After three days, I came out on the other side with so much confidence in how I wanted to move forward. She is truly great at what she does and her passion and enthusiasm really inspire me.

-Carl-Mikael Nordlöf, Psychosynthesis Therapist, Sweden

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