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Get paid to serve Love.


Wanna be seen for your brilliance, serve more dream clients, and scale your business? You’re in the right place. 

Get magical brand stories that seduce and sell

Hi, I’m Nadja. 


I’m obsessed with helping conscious entrepreneurs like you scale your business (so you can make an even greater impact).


Key ingredient? Seductive brand stories for your website, sales pages, emails, social media posts, or anywhere else you want to make a lasting impression. 


As a former tantric love-, sex-, and relationship coach, I know a thing or two about seducing with words. Curious?


Get your free guide to writing your own website copy.

Want more income and impact?
I can help you with that.

Are you a conscious entrepreneur, coach, or expert who needs writing that makes people fall in love with you, buy from you, and spread the word about you? 

You need words that…

  • Sound like you.

  • Sell your products and services. 

  • Make clients fall in love with you. 

  • Make you unforgettable in people’s minds.

  • Establish you as an authority in your industry.

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Nadja is epic. I love working with her so much.

When I first opened the doc with my new website copy, I cried. Seriously. I’m so in love. I cried from feeling so seen and heard. That Nadja could articulate ME in ways that I couldn’t.


She has a way with words that just nails it. That makes me say, ‘Yes, that’s me!’ She's able to get into the minds and hearts of clients, truly empathizing with people who are taking the courageous step of investing in themselves.


I also cried from laughing. I love her wit and humor! She could translate my personality into words and inspired me to not be afraid to show up boldly in the world.


I love working with Nadja so much! It saves me time, effort, and frustration. I always get high-quality results back! I'm so glad I hired Nadja, she's well worth her rate.


-Alice Hong, Intimacy Coach 

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Hey love, come closer –

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These personal, story-based emails have been printed out, received countless thank you notes, and made strong men cry from feeling so deeply seen and heard. 


Subscribe now and feel it too.



My copywriting mini course teaches you how to Sound Like Rumi but Seduce (And Sell) Like Don Draper.


In only 15,000 words, I show you how to craft compelling copy without writing a single word, write magic words that read like poetry, and get unstuck, so you can enchant your audience and get paid to serve love.


Learn it in one afternoon.



My 1-2-1 copywriting services will save you time, money, and your sanity when you build your new website, write ads, or plan a big launch. 


During a Power Hour or VIP day, we’ll strategize your brand stories, optimize your copy, or bust limiting beliefs on what’s possible for your business. 


Let’s create miracles together.

Get Love Stories, intimate emails that help you get paid to serve Love.

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