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How I went from tantric
love-& sex coach to

copywriter and mentor for conscious entrepreneurs...


Over the last few years, I’ve crafted copy for renowned experts, including biggies like Margot Anand, Sofia Sundari, and Alice Hong (plus a few other online biggies I’m not allowed to mention here). 


Why so many sex experts? 


During my early thirties, I worked as a tantric love-, sex-, and relationship coach in New York City.


I spoke about the 7 types of female orgasms in front of over 80 women on stage and coached female founders to the best sex of their lives. Life was ah-mazing. 


But then, during one dark December night, life pulled the rug from under my dreams: the start-up my ex-husband worked for got acquired–they had to let him go.


With it, our work visa expired. We had less than two weeks to kiss our friends goodbye, give up our Park Slope studio, and leave this magical city behind.


Not sure where to go next, we moved to Germany and stayed in my parent's empty house.


I was so depressed after this traumatic experience that my self-esteem was at an all-time low. I was trying to rebuild my life and business, but no matter how hard I tried, I could not get back into the flow. 


That’s when I met a medicine woman who works with African root bark. This hardcore plant medicine had already transformed my life once.


Now she was calling me again. So we spent an entire weekend immersed in a sacred ceremony, surrendering to the wisdom of the medicine. 


Once this journey was over, I’d lost all interest in coaching. 


Instead, life asked me to hone my gift for writing. (Something my higher Self had been trying to communicate for years, but I wasn’t listening. My ego needed to be brought to its knees until I was willing to hear God’s voice.)


Serving other coaches with my words made me discover my true gift: seeing and bringing forth your magic and gently raving about your offerings in a way no one else can.


Some of my biggest inspirations are copywriting geniuses like Laura Belgray, Jamie Jensen, and Cole Schafer.


I finally understood that writing is my life’s purpose and that I can make a graceful living crafting words that seduce and sell.  


One of the things I’ve learned is that God has a plan for you. And the sooner you listen and surrender to Life, the faster you step into flow. 


I’ve never been happier in my career than I am today: I get to support incredible humans serving love and truth, just like you. 


Maybe you haven’t worked with bitter root bark to find your life’s purpose like I did – (It’s not for the faint of heart–literally!), but at some point in your life, you’ve probably also felt abandoned, lost, and confused. 


Many of my clients have stories of rock-bottom awakenings. 


They range from self-pleasuring on the bathroom floor because they were stuck in sexless marriages to near-death experiences because they didn’t sing their hearts out. 


I help them share these intimate stories that have become their most powerful message of transformation. 


Which brings me to you. 


By sharing YOUR stories with the world, you touch people in a way no well-crafted sales argument ever could. Because humans are wired for stories. It’s not the message alone that sticks, but the story behind it. 


As you transform people’s lives by sharing your magic, you’re seducing and selling with words like you never thought was possible. 


Are you ready to step up your game with my support? Get in touch today. Because wasting weeks on writing email sequences is time spent outside your zone of genius.


Let's create miracles together!

Quick Media Bio


Nadja Eriksson is a copywriter for conscious entrepreneurs, coaches, and leaders. Through her work with clients dedicated to serving love, she’s seen firsthand that telling intimate stories are pure magic for getting people emotionally connected to you, sharing your message, and buying from you.


After working for seven years as a tantric love-, sex-, and relationship coach, an African plant medicine completely changed the trajectory of her career. Today, she’s helping other entrepreneurs grow their brand and raise consciousness with words that seduce and sell. 

Scale your business–

With stories that seduce and sell your audience into falling in love with (and buying from) YOU.

You’re here to serve Love. 


Beauty, pleasure, and truth are values you live by. 


Wherever you go, people fall for you: your joyful energy, your genuine kindness, and your wide-open heart are disarming.  


But that's just the beginning. Because deep inside, you know that your purpose is larger than you. It's about how you can serve.

You long to help raise consciousness on Earth. You're on the leading edge of a spiritual awakening, a transformation that's just begun. 


And you know that to impact millions of souls, you need to step up and go even bigger. 


A new website, sales pages, and email sequences for your upcoming course launches. 


Life as a busy entrepreneur often feels overwhelming. I get it.

There's always so much to do. 


You certainly don't have time to write, edit, and proofread your copy.


You're smart, and you know that writing is not what you should spend your time on.


You have your zone of genius: coaching clients, speaking on stages, teaching people how to heal and find God through sex. 


How about you focus on that? 


All while I write the words that help you scale your brand. (Because that's my zone of genius.) 

Clients repeatedly rave about how much I “get” them.

How can I? Because I’ve done what you do. 


In case we haven’t met yet, let me share my highly unorthodox story with you...


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