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unapologetic & curious writer on global adventures

Hi, I’m Nadja, a conversion copywriter who helps conscious entrepreneurs seduce and sell with words. 


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Nadja Eriksson | Copywriter & Brand Strategist

My fascination with stories led me to the University of Chester (UK), where I graduated with a B.A. in English Literature and Drama (no pun intended!), as well as the prestigious Stockholm Film Institute (Sweden), where I received a Master’s degree in Cinema Studies. 


After graduating, I tried to have a “real” job, teaching English and German. I felt like a lioness trapped in a zoo.


Freedom, creative self-expression, and meaningful contribution have always been core desires in life and work, so it was time to step up. 


Thankfully, I’d trained as a Zen Coach while writing my Master’s Thesis, so I decided to build an online coaching business. 


To promote it, I started my first blog, Raw Devotion, sharing very personal stories on life, love, God, and sex.


These articles went viral and led to exciting new opportunities


My tantra teacher hired me to blog and tweet for him.


Friends asked me to write copy for their websites.


One Danish couple invited me on an all-expenses-paid trip to Hong Kong for a weeklong private coaching intensive. 


And best of all, my now-husband had an instant crush on me before we'd even met, declaring to all his friends to “never give up until they found a woman like Nadja” after reading one of my articles on love, freedom, and commitment.


Within six months, we were married and on a plane to NYC. 

This is how the right words seduce and sell

In New York, I held talks with Medi Club and Skirt Club, speaking to over 80 women about the 7 female orgasms, went on a radio show with sex therapist Ian Kerner to discuss tantra and conscious relationships, and coached serial entrepreneurs and female founders around their sex lives.  


Moving to Germany after over a year in the City, I teamed up with my psychic friend Ingunn to co-create a book on female sexuality and spirituality.


Based on that, I created an online course to help female entrepreneurs love themselves as though their success and happiness depended on it (because it does!). 


Next, I collaborated with a business coach and created the Women’s Leadership and Empowerment Program, designed to help women fulfill their career ambitions without becoming mere copies of men in the workplace.


Why? Because female empowerment needs to honor and celebrate our feminine strengths and qualities—such as softness, intuition, and empathy—, not undermine them. 


But then, after a summer full of life-changing events — including a powerful wood medicine journey, a complicated vein surgery on my left leg, and a transformational trip to Burning Man (that saw me wearing medical stockings in the blazing heat!) —, I felt guided to quit my coaching business to fully focus on what I love most — helping conscious entrepreneurs like you write and sell better. 


I’ve been a professional writer for over a decade


I’ve written about all kinds of hot topics — from sex toys and multiple orgasms to spirituality and feminine leadership, from money and sneakers to CBD oil and sustainably made purses.


Plus, I helped write, edit, and publish the memoir of a tantric dominatrix (we went through the same training!).


Clients repeatedly rave about how much I get them. But that's easy, considering that I've been a spiritual seeker and self-help junkie since the age of six (when I first started writing poems about God in my pale-yellow diary). 


So how does my background in coaching and tantra help you grow your business? 


Simple: the two most important skills every good copywriter needs are empathy and curiosity.


Combine these with my ability to write loud and clear and you get copy that hits the emotional mark, stories that stand out, and brands that bring in the cha-ching.  


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Quick Media Bio


Nadja Eriksson is a conversion copywriter who helps conscious entrepreneurs express their unique brilliance with words that seduce and sell. She started her career as a life and relationship coach, but after a powerful plant medicine journey, she felt guided to quit her coaching business to become a copywriter. Through her intimate stories about sexuality and spirituality, she knows first-hand how words have the power to seduce: after reading one of her articles, her now-husband fell in love with Nadja before they’d even met. Her course Self-Love for Conscious Entrepreneurs helps you heed your inner voice and become the person you are most meant to be.

Be the go-to leader in your industry. 



With words that seduce your audience into falling in love with (and buying from!) YOU.


You're smart, caring, and brilliant at your job. Wherever you go, people love you for being you: your bubbly energy, your genuine kindness, and your heartfelt warmth.  


But that's just the beginning. Because deep inside, you know it's not *really* about you. It's about how you can serve.

You have a big vision of transforming this world into a kinder, more loving, and truthful place. You long to use your special gifts to help, heal, and elevate others. To make a real difference. You're at the forefront of positive change, on the leading edge of a transformation that's only just begun. 


But you also have a business, and businesses need to make money.


You want to make an elegant living giving your deepest gifts to the world.  

The only problem is that you don't know how to write about yourself. DIYing your copy is like trying to be the photographer, web designer, and ad manager for your own brand. But you're not posting the cute selfies you took with your iPhone on your business website.


No. You're way smarter than that. You know that copywriting is not what you should be spending your time on.


You have your own zone of genius... coaching your clients, speaking on stages, teaching people how to find God through sex. So how about you focus on that? 


While I write your website, emails, and sales pages that make you money. (Cos that's my zone of genius!) 

Quit the endless frustration, guesswork, and procrastination  


While your web designer calls you for the fifth time asking about the texts for your new website, you ignore his calls because you don’t want to be reminded of the fact that you don’t know how the f*** to write about yourself.


You’re feeling frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed, because you know that good copy is vital to growing your business, serving more clients, and making bank. 


Restore your sanity. Enjoy your business again. Get your writing done for you. 

Want your copy done for you by someone who knows what they're doing -- so you can do what you do best?






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Here's how we roll

Get a brand you LOVE with these 4 simple steps

But wait, there’s more… 


I go above and beyond to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your copy. I won’t finish up the job until everything resonates perfectly with what you are desiring for your brand.  

Who are you? 

We start with YOU. What's your brand all about? What's your vision, your mission, and your why? What makes you unique and stand out from the crowd?

(Hint: it has a LOT to do with your stories, your values, and your personality.)

Who is your customer?

Who do you most want to help? What are their secret night-sweats and wet dreams, a.k.a. what keeps them up at night? What do they want, and how do you help them get it? The more you get your clients, the more clients you get. 

What's your story?

We'll source your best stories and weave them into your brand messaging. Why? Because good stories stick. They make you memorable to your customers and build that all-important know-like-trust factor.

What's your message?

You receive compelling copy that sounds like you, is aligned with who you are and what you stand for, and makes your ideal customers fall in love with you without even having met you (just like my now-husband did when he first read my words!).