Oh, hello there!


Have we met? I’m Nadja. 

I'm a creative consultant, copywriter, content writer, author, editor, and ghostwriter. Clients I most enjoy working with are conscious businesses and online entrepreneurs who want to create a positive ripple effect in the world.


My personal obsessions include lifestyle, health, wellness, yoga, fitness, mindset, psychology, tantric sex and relationships, women's empowerment, travel, sustainability, conscious fashion, and organic beauty. So working with clients in these sectors gets me extra excited. 


In my free time, I'm co-authoring a series of spiritual self-help books with one of my best friends called Awaken Your Big SHE. I've also created a video course to empower women to see themselves through the eyes of unconditional love instead of the inner critic.


The purpose of my work is to lift people up and spread love, kindness, and happiness in the world. I believe in miracles and that by sharing and collaborating, we accelerate them even more.


Let's create some tiny miracles together!


My friends call me Cream. (Don’t ask.) 

I like to think of myself as a wise woman, but in reality, I’m just a girl with a laptop and a serious obsession with all things truth and love. 


The first lines I’ve ever authored landed in my faint-yellow journal from first grade. It was something poetic about God and eternity. The source of all this inspiration? My late great-grandmother’s Christian wall-art. 


But that was just the beginning. 


The deep desire for answers led me on a long pilgrimage across Spain, saw me sleep in unsafe mountain caves on the Canary island La Gomera, stretch my comfort zone in wild, crazy-wisdom style tantra retreats, and meditate on my life’s purpose in a bunker so dark I couldn’t see a hand in front of my face. 


This dark-retreat went on for a week... during which we ate only once a day— from a bowl, like a monk. I was a vegan. Lettuce didn't help—I felt so starved I almost fainted.


But hey—I’d found my life's purpose. 


Turns out, I was born to write. I write books, articles, and other things.

I'm also a total nomad. During the past 20 years, I've lived all over the world, including New York City, Sweden, India, England, and Germany (where I was born and raised). 

When I'm not typing away on my laptop, I spend my time reading books, having coffee with girlfriends, taking long walks in nature, and going on dates with my Swedish husband Daniel. 




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