Elevate your copy from 'meh' to 'Wow, I love it!'


IS THIS YOU? You have a website, sales page, or emails that feel a bit “meh”. Site visitors are bouncing off your site and nobody’s buying. You need a fresh set of expert eyes and professional guidance on how to optimize your writing so it stands out from the competition and brings you a steady stream of clients.


HOW I CAN HELP: I coach you on how you can elevate your writing from "meh" to "wow" in under 60 minutes. (Or a full day, if you need more support!) 

What's included in your Miracle Makeovers session?

1. Professional prep-work: This includes a detailed client questionnaire that helps us determine your brand voice, ideal customer, and program promise. Send me your existing copy plus your answers to my Qs, and I'll review them beforehand, noting down any ideas that come to me in a Google Doc. 

2. An intimate 60-min Zoom call: We get together live to chat about your messaging. We go over your work to make sure your writing stands out from the competition, optimize your copy so you understand how strategic writing works, and birth new ideas to help you talk about your brand in the future. 

3. Phenomenal post-op: After our call, I send you all my creative ideas in our shared Google Doc. They're yours to keep and use when- and wherever you want. You'll also get a recording of our call that you can listen back to whenever you want, so you can rest assured you don't miss a single thing.


MY AVAILABILITY: WOO-HOO  I’m booking RIGHT NOW. Just allow 2-3 business days lead time to gather information and prepare.




Power Hours start from EUR 300-, This includes all the prep-work, live chat, and post-op. 

Know you need more than 1 hour? Book 3 hours for the special price of EUR 750-, (That’s EUR 150 OFF! #bargain) 

Wanna own me for a day? This is ideal if you have a long sales page or website pages you want me to optimize for you behind the scenes. Starting from EUR 1500-, per day. (I'm all yours for 6 hours straight!)


IS THIS PERFECT FOR YOU? Do you have a home page, opt-in page, work with me page, or sales page that needs brushing up? Or do you need something short and catchy, such as a tagline, headlines, or new ideas for product names or blog posts? I’ll serve you with my best ideas. Fill out my application form to schedule your copy coaching call. 

Nadja’s writing is straight to the point, inviting, and sexy. When we received our optimized copy, we felt SO excited. Loving it, we were confident that hiring Nadja was the right choice. The copy makeover has already paid for itself. Nadja knows how to talk to people, break down complexities, and make our work sound inviting, not heavy. Highly recommended!” 

-Aleah Ava and Dan Hart, Relationship Coaches, Italy

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