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Have you ever wondered how to make your writing more seductive (so it sells more of your offerings)?

Making readers so seen and heard, they feel like you're inside their heads?

Well, now you can.

Say hello to the mini-course...

… that will make you sound like a mystical poet and sell like an advertising god.

All in bite-sized snacks you can nibble on during a laid-back afternoon. 

In this easy-to-absorb mini-course…

You'll get expert insights into,

 “Nadja, you’re a genius. Seriously, how do you do this every time!?”

(As one client recently asked me.)

Get my secrets that make you a better copywriter. 
Secrets like…
  • Knowing exactly what your dream clients want and need 

  • Selling them before even writing a single line of copy

  • Finding your stand-out factor in an over-saturated market 

  • Getting brand-confidence and clarity for years to come 

  • Hooking someone’s attention (even if it’s shorter than a goldfish’s)

  • Never running out of things to write about 

  • Overcoming writer’s block and crippling procrastination

  • Writing with Spirit to help raise consciousness 

  • Sounding like you and building genuine connections with your audience

  • Getting paid to serve love 

  • And so much more…!

Nadja is a miracle. 

                                  When it comes to getting into people’s heads and hearts and writing from that deep inner place of knowing exactly what to say, Nadja has your back.


-Alice Hong, Feminine Leadership Coach 

Whether you’re a coach looking to refine your message, a consultant wanting to rebrand your website, a tantra teacher about to launch your new course, or an expert eager to create a tighter bond with your audience…


 This course is for you. 


Let’s face it–you’re busy. You don’t have time to sift through long-winded copywriting courses that take you weeks or even months to finish. (If you ever get through them: 93% of all online courses never get completed.)


Since I want you to get so much value and walk away with practical know-how you can apply to your writing immediately, I designed this guide to be short and sweet. 

Nadja’s course was the perfect starting-point for my new business.


I’m flabbergasted at the amount of information she has packed into this course. It has given me clear, concise, and doable action steps in taking my business to the next level. I wish everyone with a dream of launching their own business started with Nadja’s copywriting mini-course.


Amy Dyer, Non-Violent Communication Coach and Trainer 

Who am I to promise that you can seduce and sell with words?
NadjaEriksson-16 2.jpg
Hi, I’m Nadja. 

My writing has been described as “juicy, sexy” and making clients feel “wet, excited, and turned on.” (Their words.)


They frequently rave about how much I “get” them. Most people cry when they receive their copy–that’s how seen and heard they feel. (Yes, even tough guys.) 


How come?


I used to work as a tantric love-, sex-, and relationship coach, speaking on stage about the 7 female orgasms to crowds of women in New York City. 


After a life-changing plant-medicine journey, however, I was guided to help other conscious entrepreneurs with their marketing instead.


My words have helped sell out workshops, launch online courses, and increase sales by 164%. 


Clients pay me to help them sell more effortlessly (and sound sexy while doing it).


Even before I turned copywriter and brand strategist, my tantra teacher hired me to write a blog and manage his Twitter account… 


One Danish couple flew me into Hong Kong to coach them around their relationship after reading my first blog, Raw Devotion


And my *has*band fell in love with me before we’d even met – (just from reading my articles) –, declaring to all his friends to "never ever give up until they found a woman like Nadja."


That’s how the right words seduce and sell. 


Want that too? 

Your turn. Do this next...
  1. Click any of the enticing buttons on this pretty page. 

  2. Enter your deets. (With any major credit card). 

  3. Get instant access to the course via email. 

  4. Make yourself a delicious drink, get comfy, and indulge. 

  5. Jump into action and start seducing and selling with words.

Please note: All sales are final.

         Nadja encouraged me to write in a completely new way–and my readers loved it! She is a master of her art: her words seduce you to keep reading.

Nadja’s course is a treasure box filled with precious gems. She managed to package powerful communication tools, psychological knowledge, and marketing secrets into a powerful and compact guide that inspired my creativity. 

I got so much guidance on how to write more easily and effectively. It took me out of the fog of being lost in front of a blank page to feeling the courage to express my unique voice. This is a course to come back to again and again, harvesting new insights every time. Precious. Effective. Lovely to read. Thank you for creating it, dear Nadja.

-Sabina Elsa Astolfi, Singer, Voice Coach, Voice Healer

Psst: This treat is sweeter than nectar...

Think about it: the next best way for you to get inside my head is by hiring me 1:1. 


With this course, you get all my knowledge for a fraction of the cost. 


Plus, you get lifetime access. This means that whenever I add new content to the course, you’ll benefit. 


Get lifetime access for only EUR 111. 


(Do it now, before the price goes up later.)

Got questions? Contact me at

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