Save time and get your writing done for you.

IS THIS YOU? You’re starting from scratch or want to rebrand. You’re either about to launch your business, online course, or program and you need a website or sales page and emails to help you do that. But you have no idea where to begin or how to sound cool in your writing. Or, your website and sales page is a hot mess from 2014 and it needs a complete rewrite because you and your business have changed and evolved. 


HOW I CAN HELP: I ghostwrite it all for you.


This happens in 3 simple steps:


  1. We’re gathering information. I send you a detailed client questionnaire followed by a 60-min brand call, where we get super-clear on whom you serve, why, and how. 

  2. I write words that sound like you and make readers fall in love with you. It makes you look super cool to your audience and you’ll feel like the badass entrepreneur you are.

  3. Once the first draft is complete, I gather your feedback and apply it to your text. You get two rounds of feedback, so you’re 100% satisfied with the outcome. 


MY AVAILABILITY: This streamlined process takes approx two weeks from start to finish (think one full page per day, plus feedback and revisions), and I only take on 4 new clients a month. It’s best if you book at least a month in advance, but occasional last-minute openings arise, so fill in the application form and we’ll take it from there. 


OUR ENERGY EXCHANGE: Starting from EUR 1500-, 

In fact, as I’m writing this, the client I’ve helped just this past week has already doubled their conversions with their sales page, meaning their copy has not only paid for itself but brought even more revenue into their business!


IS THIS PERFECT FOR YOU? Fill out my application form and we’ll schedule a free 30-min consultation to find out. 

"Working with Nadja has been a pleasure. She makes it her personal interest to deliver high-quality texts that fulfill the client’s expectations. Not only is she willing to go the extra mile, but she is also flexible, adapting quickly to changing deadlines or requirements. Plus, her uncomplicated and warmhearted communication makes all the difference. I strongly recommend working with her!"


-Valerie Reichardt, Content Creative, Germany

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