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5 Copy Secrets Every Conscious Entrepreneur Needs to Know

You have a brilliant product or service and a beautiful website to show it off. You’re excited about growing your business and giving your unique gift to the world.

But you’ve also spent thousands of dollars on a web designer, and now you’re pouring even more money into ads that don’t do anything for your business.

How much does it cost you that visitors are bouncing off of your website? And how much time and mental energy are you wasting fretting and trying to figure out why your marketing efforts aren’t working?

If the process of online marketing and copywriting hasn’t been fun or successful so far, I’m here to make that better—with these 5 insider tips that will change the way you look at your communication.

Ready to save time, money, and your sanity?

Let’s do this!

1. Avoid too much clutter

Why did Marie Kondo’s tidying method become so popular? Because we hate clutter. It’s overwhelming, confusing, and annoying, especially online. Plus, our attention span is short: you only have 5-8 seconds to communicate how you serve. If you confuse your site visitors, you lose them.

Pro-tip: Keep your website clean and uncluttered. Eliminate all unnecessary phrases, links, and images that convey nothing. Focus on the essentials by answering these 3 simple questions: What do you offer? How does it improve your customers’ lives? How can they get it? Make sure you communicate that so loud and clear that people understand it within the first five seconds of visiting your page.

2. Don’t make it all about you

Good copy engages the emotions. Your reader’s emotions. There is a difference between engaging emotions and emoting. Nobody *really* cares that you feel happy to tell people about your new offer. They don’t even know you yet, so why should they care? We’re all a bit self-centered, and if it’s not about us, we zone out. :)

Pro-tip: Upon discovering something new, we immediately want to know, “What’s in it for me?” If you go on and on about yourself and your own awesomeness, your customers only hear noise. Make it about them, and they’ll be eating right out of your hand. Make your marketing customer-centric and focus on how you can serve them.

3. Treat your headlines like precious real-estate

They're everywhere: headlines that say, “Welcome to my site! Here you can find out about my workshops… ” Saying hi, or welcome, is nice and friendly, but it is not an attention-grabber. You want your headline to stop people in their tracks, so we wake up from our snooze and realize, “Wait a minute, this is for me!”

Pro-tip: You achieve this by writing a punchy headline that focuses exclusively on how you help them solve a problem or fulfill a desire. ‘Get the 5 mistakes most business owners make with their websites’ is more intriguing than if I had said, ‘Hi, I’m Nadja, and I’m a writer. I’ve been a writer for ten years,’ right?

4. Focus on benefits over features

If you only present a feature (especially at the beginning of your copy), your customers will ask, “So what?” So what if your new protein bars only contain 2 grams of net carbs? How does that make their lives better? You need to spell it out, it’s not as obvious to us as it is to you.

Pro-tip: Bang on about the benefits. Again, focus on how your product is the solution to their problem, in this case, blood sugar instability: “Energy bars that won’t leave you in a blood sugar slump” focuses on a benefit or a desired outcome. Result? People resonate and want to buy.

5. Add a clear call to action

You have to tell your site visitors what you want them to do next. Don’t expect them to know. Especially on the internet, people get easily confused and distracted. They need a bit of hand-holding.

Pro-tip: The call to action (like Buy Now or Sign Up) needs to be loud and clear and placed strategically all over your website. It takes our brains a couple of repetitions until it registers that we’re supposed to do something. So don’t hide your opt-in form in the footer of your website. Put it above and center, so that people see it as soon as they visit your page.

Bonus-tip: Show your empathy

Always, always, always write your copy with your dream client in mind.

Don’t just think of a generic avatar like ‘busy moms’. Write to a real person.

Think of a client you love to work with or dream up a character in your mind that’s a mix of different qualities you value highly in your customers.

Writing good copy is all about being personal, so it connects on an emotional level with your ideal buyer.

We all want to be seen, heard, and understood, and the more you can convey that feeling to your buyer, the more buyers you’ll be getting.

Focus on their core pain that you can resolve or/and their deepest dreams and desires (as they relate to your offering). Paint a vision of life before and after working with you.

Whether you’re offering luxury cars or coaching educations, you’re not just selling a product or service, you are selling a transformation.

Take your customers on a hero’s journey with you as their guide, and show them how this journey (doing business with you) will transform their lives for the better.

This is how you engage their emotions, catch their interest, make them buy from you, and tell all their friends about you.

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