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An open love letter to all my clients

I'm a prayer-giver. The words just come through me.

Dear lover of life,

When we first met, we were not in our physical bodies. Our beings were vast and expansive, infinitely wise and all-knowing. Before we came into this human existence, we played among the stars, sharing the love of source, dancing around the cosmos.

Eternity was our home.

We just knew.

But the collective dream we'd enter would soon become our new playground.

And so we agreed to be friends and collaborators, making secret soul-plans in the realms of the Gods.

Then, we dove head-first into this one precious life. Excited, curious, full of spark and enthusiasm for what lay ahead of us, we jumped.

Each into our individual selves, all over this beautiful earth. Some of us landed in Africa, some in Europe, and others came to America. We grew up in different cities, countrysides, or suburbs. We each had our own paths to explore.

Love was moving us, and as long as we kept trusting the small, still voice within, we were always guided.

Even when life got more scary, complex, and all grown-up, this inner voice never left us. It spoke to us at night, through our dreams. It whispered in our ears as we lay on the warm grass on sunny afternoons. It warned us of possible danger, trying to keep us safe.

But sometimes, the loud voice of the world was too overpowering. And it won. We'd walk into treacherous places and circumstances, welcoming beings into our lives and bodies who had intentions of much lower vibrations.

Surrounded by such darkness, we fell. We got hurt, we battled our demons, we felt hopeless and alone.

But still, amid the shadows of human existence, our inner voice called out to us.

Come, She'd say. Nothing is as it seems. You're just having a bad dream.

Hush now, dear one, let me wake you up from your nightmares, so you can once again remember your glory, your beauty, and your truth.

And so we listened. We listened through the pain, the despair, and the heartbreak. We listened and trusted because we felt that there is something so profound inside of us it never dies, never alters, never changes course.

Deep inside, we remember that we are that. You know it. I know it. This primordial inner knowing is what sustains us. It gives us wings and power. It inspires us to keep fighting the good fight.

You only thought you needed to do everything on your own.

Aloneness--what a cute little lie the fearful inner voice is trying to convince us of. Ha!

You have the power of God within you. All your gifts and talents, your hopes and dreams, your passion and clarity, come from that same source that you come from. Remember, eternity?

Well, let's help each other remember!

When we listen, pay attention, and find back to love, all things are possible.

Even though the situations we're facing right now can at times feel hopeless, uncertain, and downright devastating... Don't succumb to the illusion of fear.

Remember the sweetness of life. Remember that you are an eternal being. Remember that with the strength of God within you, everything is possible. You only need to call on it.

Trust not in your own strength, for that IS fruitless. Trust your Source.

Trust that small, still voice within you that knows the way.

You and I are not accidental. There's a reason why we came here at this point in time. We're light-workers. We are here because we are awakening. All of us. Together.

We are at the forefront of a wave that is only just starting.

Teachers, healers, creators, spiritual guides. We are so needed. Our depth, wisdom, and sensitivity will wake this world up from its overlong slumber.

When we meet again to co-create in a physical body, we will know.

We remember. The inner voice whispers, Yes, it's time. It's time to play in the human realm. To co-create, collaborate, make art. To create beauty and meaning, for the love of life.

So kindle your fire, friends. Let your strong determination and inspired vision lead us all ahead. Show your radiant light for all the world to see.

Give your unique gifts unabashedly. Share your vision with the Gods and bring it to life in this world, so we can once again remember who we really are.

I see you soon.

xo Nadja

Now you.

Did this resonate?

Are you a light-worker or conscious entrepreneur who has big gifts to give to the world and wants a creative midwife to birth your greatness into the world (with words that seduce and sell?)

Reach out and tell me about your vision. We'll talk.

About how we can collaborate to express your unique brilliance into the world and help us all remember who we really are (while making you good money to boot!).

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