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Keep sharing your dreams, because you come bearing gifts from the Gods

Updated: Aug 10, 2022


I see you. I see your gifts. I see your devotion. I see your humility.

You are everything you ever wanted to be and so much more. You are the mystic, the healer, the sacred song keeper. For years, you could not see your own magic and greatness. Sometimes, you’re still hiding from it, trying to hide. But I see you.

The time of hiding and ducking has come to an end. We want to see your fullest expression. We want to see your light shining so brightly that no darkness has the power to extinguish it. And you know why it is so powerful. Because it comes from a deep well within your heart, from where all the alchemy and magic appear.

We know that because we have both been to places most people only dream of. They read about in books by ancient mystics and poets. But you and I, we have been there. That is what unites us. This vast and magic longing for the infinite: Truth. Joy. Beauty. Soul.

Shamans and spiritual seekers have known these ancient songs for millions of years. The first men have sung them in dark womb caves painted with miracles – sacred geometry and incantations for the Goddess. SHE has heard our song –and answered it– since the beginning of time.

Now HER song is getting louder again. And it's yours to sing as well. We’re collectively raising our voices in praise of Her across the globe. We’re singing in a choir of awakening souls, bearing gifts of insight and healing.

Will you raise your voice? Will you inspire us all to dare to sing even louder, to trust the truth of our hearts, and to take a stand for all that is true and good?

Because if we don’t act now, there will not be much of HER left to sing for soon. The trees are dying. The fish are dying. The rivers are dying. We need you to help us wake up from the collective madness.

You know what madness I’m talking about – the dream of separation. The tiny mad idea that makes us think that we’re separate, superior, and independent of HER. The illusion that we can rape, ravage, and beat our mother without repercussions.

A mother is eternally loving, life-giving, and nurturing. But there comes a point when her suffering has gone too far, and she will no longer allow her children to destroy her.

Healing is your gift, and this world needs it. Please, stop listening to the fearful, doubting voice telling you that you’re not there yet, that you can’t ask for too much, or that you’re not good enough. It’s a disservice both to yourself and to humanity.

Sing your heart out. Speak your deepest truth. Share your boldest gifts in the way that only you can. We are waiting for you to rise and take us with you. Because when you express your courage, truth, and beauty, you encourage us to do the same. We all lift each other higher.

Are you ready, love? Are you ready, willing, and able to offer your deepest heart's gifts to the world --unapologetically? The Universe is ready to support you and do it with and for you whenever you are ready. You only have to say yes!

So come, my love, let us create miracles together. Because joy is the highest creator, love is the highest truth, and there is a peace that passes understanding.

Will you meet me there?


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