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Are you a conscious entrepreneur? Here’s what Tantric Brand Storytelling™ can do for YOU

Think storytelling is only for big brands with massive marketing budgets?

Think again.

If you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner, coach, or expert, you need storytelling as much as the biggies.

Dare I say – even more.


Because big brands have already established a firm narrative in the minds of their customers.

Nike is the friendly but firm coach that sees the athlete in everyone, motivating you to “Just do it.”

Apple is the rebel creator who encourages you to “Think different.”

These are powerful messages that have been cemented in our minds over decades of advertising.

Remember when Apple first launched the whole PC vs Apple campaign?

They told the story of two guys: One was boring and conservative, the other one cool and innovative. This way, Apple positioned itself as the leading brand for forward-thinking creatives.

The message stuck–especially with customers who aspire to be that cool creative.

How will you position yourself?

Whether you’re a coach, copywriter, or creator, you need to have a memorable message that positions you as the leading expert in people’s minds. Someone to help them become the person they most want to be.

As their guide, you’re facilitating a powerful transformation: from who your ideal customer is now to who they most want to be. (Their aspirational identity.)

Your message should contain this ideal outcome.

Once you know your message, spread it.


With stories that seduce and sell.

Stories have the power to cement your marketing message into the hearts and minds of your ideal customers forever.

Stories evoke strong emotions, stick in our minds longer than facts, and sell better than any well-crafted sales argument.

Humans are wired for stories.

Which stories can you tell in your marketing right now?

It doesn’t have to be an epic hero’s journey into the underworld and back.

Your story could be about mundane things, like how you bought a bagel for a homeless person, picked up trash in the streets, or pretended to have your period, so you could skip gym class in 6th grade.

The trick is to connect that story to your message.

Here’s an example:

Say you’re a relationship coach who wants to sell out her new group coaching program for couples.

You could tell a story about how when you first met your beloved, you almost hated him because he was so arrogant and guarded.

The one thing that turned things around was when you rejected him: Instead of accepting defeat, however, he asked for feedback. You laid it on pretty thick, thinking you’d never see him again.

He thanked you, wept like a baby, shared his process, and humbly asked for a second chance.

On your next date, you couldn’t believe how much he’d softened. You saw his true Self beyond the ego protection, fell in love, and were happily married nine months later.

(True story.)

Then you connect your story to your message. How about like so:

Why am I telling you about how I met my husband?

Because honesty and vulnerability are core principles when it comes to building healthy, thriving relationships. You cannot love someone in their depth if all you can see is their ego.

I know vulnerability is scary.

This is why I’m teaching a whole module on it during my upcoming relationship group coaching program. I’ll show you exactly how to use this vulnerability to create an instant connection…

Because you deserve a relationship where you feel loved and adored for who you are.

See what I did there?

I connected the story (how I fell in love with him when he finally let down his guard) to the message (how honesty and vulnerability are core components of creating deep and lasting intimacy).

I bet you my favorite books that people will remember the story over the teaching.

This is why you want to weave your teaching into your tale.

Now, people will not only want to buy your course (we want to live inside compelling stories!), but they will also remember your wisdom.

This is the power of Tantric Brand Storytelling™.

Weave your wisdom into your stories, and you seduce and sell like Don Draper drunk on Rumi.

Now you.

What is your message?

And what stories can you tell that imprint your message in the minds of your ideal customers, so they love you and buy from you again and again?

Brainstorm ideas and start telling the stories only you can tell.

I’m rooting for you…

But wait, there’s more.

What if you don’t know exactly what your message is? Or you’re not sure which stories are ideal to tell for your brand? Or where to begin?

Let me guide you.

As a Tantric Brand Storytelling™ mentor, I’m here to help you scale your business with stories that seduce and sell.

My signature method weaves strategy, story, and spirituality, so you can build your legacy in alignment with your highest Self.

In my exclusive 1:1 mentoring program, Lead with Love, I support you in creating a legacy brand that lasts for decades.

We’ll refine your message, shape your stories, and position you as a leading expert in your industry, all so that you get paid to serve Love.


A more confident YOU, offering your deepest gifts to the world while elevating millions of hearts and minds.

Want that?

Click here to learn more and apply.

If we’re a fit, I’ll invite you to a no-strings-attached Clarity Call.

I can’t wait to support you.


Nadja xo

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