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Are You Making This Deadly Mistake With Your Clients (Or Lovers)?

I thought I would never be loved again.

For the first seven months of this year, I was single, heartbroken, and celibate.

I chose this to heal my heart and clear my womb after a crippling divorce.

But eventually, my body was longing for touch again.

So this summer, I attracted a skillful lover.

Even though we’re 523 km apart, we share powerful magic. Every time we’re together, it feels like going on a new and exciting adventure.

The problem was that for a while, I got too involved.

I lost myself in him, temporarily forgetting that the love I feel in my heart is mine alone. It’s the essence of my feminine Soul, which I call my Big She.

Anyway, as soon as he didn’t give me that same high-intensity attention anymore (the heat of summer always has to give way to the cooler autumn breeze, or nature would burn itself out), I believed he’d stopped loving me.

“Why aren’t you writing any more poetic texts?”

“Because I don’t have the space for that right now. I hardly have any time for myself. I’m so stressed with work. Look at my calendar…!”

“But… Does that mean your love is no longer deeply rooted in my heart?!”

I sounded like a 4-year-old.

Here we go again... Another round of the same-old I’m-not-loved-drama.

I thought I had dealt with this. And yet, new layers are surfacing, no matter what type of relationship I am in.

You know why?


Life is a conspiracy to wake us up.

It shows you where you're currently not aligned with your spiritual essence, the source of your authority, worthiness, and abundance.

When you abandon yourself because the fancy shiny objects out there are more interesting than your spiritual alignment, life won’t support it.

At some point, the flow will stop, asking you to pause and return home.

Get clingy with your partner, and they will pull back.

The same is true for your business.

Get needy on your clients, and you will repel them.

Nobody wants to work with someone who’s not aligned with authority, confidence, and clarity.

Your clients want to feel that they can relax into your leadership and feel safe with you.

If you do this, don’t worry. It’s just a little thinking mistake that can easily be fixed.

Here’s the deal:

The Universe is vibration.

Your whole reality is a mirror reflection of your frequency.

To change your outer experience, you need to change your vibe.

To change your vibe, you need to start embodying your Soul.

The key to embodiment is to fully feel what you’re longing for.

Whether it is love, abundance, or worthiness, it’s already here because you are that.

You just forgot, believing you are dependent on the outside to feel good.

When you embody more of who you are, things will gradually fall into place.

I’ve seen it happen countless times in my life:

  • When I first embodied the feeling of I AM LOVE after completing a 9-month Zen Coaching Certification Training, I manifested my first boyfriend after having been single for nine years.

  • Two weeks after moving through yet another layer of gut-wrenching divorce grief (sobbing on the bathroom floor, surrendering to death, and touching peace), I met my current lover.

  • And yes, the same goes for business: when I landed in my calling as a copywriter and brand consultant for conscious entrepreneurs, I was so aligned with what I do that clients appeared out of nowhere.

How about you?

Where do you currently feel stuck?

What part of your divine essence are you NOT embodying yet?

What are you longing for that you currently don’t have?

Let these questions be indicators for your transformation.

Journal about them or sit in stillness as you contemplate your truth.

Sit with whatever feelings arise. If you stay with them love enough, they will take you to truth.

Want my help? I’d love to support you.

In consulting calls, I guide clients into alignment with their soul, so they get the answers to their (business) questions directly from their inner source of authority.

I call this soul-aligned sales.

When you operate from your deepest heart’s truth, your message will resonate, not repel.

Let’s look at your business from a holistic perspective, so you can experience a whole new reality (because embodying your soul transforms every aspect of your life!).

Reach out to let me know you’re interested.



PS: My lover and I are still dating. With a little less intensity… Our relating, however, is still serving the highest purpose–our spiritual transformation.

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