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Autumn reflections

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Autumn has always been my favourite time of the year.

But this autumn was special.

I’ve asked about specific guidance on how to align with the season on a personal level.

The answer was both enlightening and supportive.

Here it is, in essence:

Imagine a tree.

Imagine how its leaves are turning golden and falling to the ground in autumn.

Now, think of yourself as that tree.

What is no longer serving you that you can be shedding from your life?

This insight was followed by a long process of journaling reflections, silent contemplation, and massive simplification.

I questioned everything in my life. (Except my marriage.)

I pruned, shed, and released. Old projects, goals, habits, relationships, things.

Until only the bare bones were left.

(It even included letting go of my business model as I knew it.)

Then I prioritized.

What’s important to me? What matters most?

Three words surfaced: God, Art, and Nature.

These have been my signposts ever since.

I vow to bring them with me when I enter the dreamtime of winter.

With all the clutter removed from my life, how will I make space for these values?

To strengthen my connection with God and my inner SHE, I need to cultivate spaciousness.

I rise early to spend time in silence and solitude.

This feels so comforting.

I meditate, pray, practice yoga, and write in my journal.

These have always been non-negotiables.

But as the autumn winds come in and life gets increasingly busy during the holidays, these

daily practices are more important than ever.

Second, Art. Oh, that is literature for me. I have uncovered an increased interest in fiction.

Books, stories, memoirs. I love them.

Less time spent online, more quiet time reading.

On top of that, I prioritize my own writing practice.

Writing is my biggest love and gift. I committed to writing every day for 30 minutes. A new habit.

Finally, Nature. Walking the earth. Staying grounded.

I was lucky enough to spend a long weekend by the sea at the beginning of the month. (I love the sea.)

Daniel and I celebrated our second anniversary. (Two years married!)

So we went on a romantic getaway.

I took long walks on the beach, collected seashells, and drank in the fresh ocean breeze.

We cuddled up in our cozy, warm hotel room, while strong winds and massive waves hurled outside our window.

It was magic.

And talking of magic, I enjoyed a great read, too.

Big Magic, by one of my favorite authors, Elizabeth Gilbert.

If you’re longing to expand your creative life, read this book. It’s brilliant.

And how about you? How has your autumn been so far?

Are you nesting and cozy at home, or are you stressed out and overwhelmed by the upcoming holidays?

And how can you let go of some of the non-essentials, to carve out more space for yourself to rest and replenish?

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