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For Entrepreneurs Who Want to Sound Like Rumi and Seduce (A.K.a. Sell) Like Don Draper

I remember when I had no money to order groceries every week.

With a 15 EUR delivery fee, even the cheapest grocer in town felt too expensive for this luxury.

But I also hate going to stores of all sorts; I avoid them like tourists visiting Stockholm in the summer months.

As a result, my fridge was glaringly empty.

By the time breakfast came around, I had to get creative. A few brown bananas, holistic whey protein powder… I could make a smoothie from that!

It was summer, and I was already sweating through my birthday suit. At 9 am, it was 26C outside, and the morning sun was coming on strong through my large living room windows (an aspect of my apartment I admire).

So this left-over smoothie had to be seriously chilled.

The only ice I had, however, was some water I’d once frozen in a plastic bag (supposedly a freezer bag, but after what followed, I’m not so sure anymore).

The problem is that the plastic was all crinkled up within the ice. There was no way I could liberate the ice from the bag without slamming it hard against the kitchen sink.

When a big chunk of ice broke off, I’d throw it into my power blender, hoping there would be no hidden plastic pieces left inside of it.

The good ones go into your pot, and the bad ones go into your crop. Cinderella must have known a thing or two about sorting.

Needless to say, I’m no fairy tale princess.

Thus, my success with meal prepping was equally unsuccessful as Cinderella’s attempt to tear herself away from Prince Charming once the clock struck midnight.

Don’t get me wrong, my creamy banana milkshake was divine. I savored every chilly sip of it, until… you guessed it: I had tiny threads of white plastic in my mouth.

Thank God I could feel the plastic pieces on my tongue, lest I might have swallowed them whole.

(And contributed to the already existing plastic pollution inside my body. Apparently, the average person ingests as much polymer as the size of a credit card. Every. Day. Just from environmental pollution and microplastics in clothes, furniture, and packaging. Gross.)

I was so disgusted by these blended threads of a freezer bag, I felt even more empathy for all those poor turtles, fishes, and seabirds who’ve been choking on our plastic waste for decades. How can you not feel sorry for dolphins and whales starving to death because they think old fishing nets are food?

It breaks my heart…

Anyway, what does all this have to do with copy and marketing?

Well, I’m glad you asked.

See, I just told you a compelling story.

Compelling because if you’ve read this far, it means that my story kept you hooked – you read this message until the end.

Stories create engagement and emotional connection. As a human being, you’re wired for story.

It starts with the brother Grimm's fairy tales you begged your mom to read to you over and over as a kid (No, just me?), and it ends with blockbusters, romantic comedies, and your favorite TV shows that keep you up all night… because you just have to watch one more episode of – (insert your favorite crack cocaine of choice here).

When a story hooks our attention, we’re more likely to absorb its (marketing) message.

Much better than if that same message was presented in mere facts and figures.

This is good news for you if you’re looking to spread the word about your conscious business with more impact.

You can use storytelling to grow engagement with your audience, build trust in your brand, and boost sales.

Want that? Thought so.

I can help you with that. Just say the word...

Here’s a heads-up for you:

I’ve got a new copywriting course coming out soon. It shows you how to write words that read like Rumi and seduce (a.k.a. sell) like Don Draper. (Another man who’s kept me up all night. Unfortunately, only by being sexy on screen.)

Get all the essential writing tools, from how to do your research and speak directly to your ideal customer (so they want the thing from you, you, you), all the way to how to use a story to seduce and sell your readers.

Plus, some spiritual practices that help me transmit poetic prose that can touch your soul (the Rumi part).

So. If you aren’t a subscriber to my magic emails already, join me now to receive an early note when the course finally launches.

(You also get my guide to writing your own website copy. You're welcome.)

Okay, back to making more milkshakes.

Plastic-free, mind you.

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