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Get Paid To Be You, Lead with Love, And Be A Boss

Updated: Feb 23

The words escape my mouth unexpectedly.

I don’t know what’s next, but I trust HER transmission as the Divine Mother weaves a tale of lost love and longing.

The message is intended for my friend (or so I thought…).

SHE ends with saying,

“Only Love is real.”

I speak so softly, my friend can’t hear me, but she feels the energetic imprint in her body.

“I couldn’t hear what you said, but I felt it! I can still feel the words reverberating in me,” she says.

“It was a gift for you from the Divine.”

“Oh, wow… I’m not sure if I’m ready to receive this gift."

“Don’t worry, darling. Your inner being will hold it for you until your human is ready to take it in,” I assure her.

I’ve been practicing to speak, write, and move from non-interference for over a decade.

Spiritual transmissions are part of my tantric priestess magic—in life and business.

I didn’t think further about the experience until last night, when I had a conversation with someone I'm experiencing a similarly turbulent love story with as my friend and her beau.

Suddenly, it hit me.

Underneath all the ups and downs of our passionate relationship, a deep love weaves everything together like a red thread (and has done so for several lifetimes!).

I recalled how SHE said, Only Love Is Real.

I finally realized that HER reminder was just as much meant for me as it was for my friend.

My inner being had been holding this truth for me until my human was ready to receive it.

I'm transmitting to my friend like nobody's business, without realizing that this message was meant for me as well. Duh.

That’s when I remembered–there’s only one of us here!

I was just talking to myself, because we all exist inside ONE consciousness. In reality, there is no separation between the Divine Mother, my friend, and I.

Deep breath...

Okay, but what does that mean for you and your business?

If everyone exists inside your consciousness, every aspect of your business also exist inside your consciousness.

Your business is a perfect mirror reflection of your (subconscious) thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

Are you unhappy with parts of your business (the way your clients behave, for instance?)

Look within.

What are they showing you that you might need to adjust?

If they’re not paying on time, ask yourself if you have a pattern of paying your bills late.

If new leads ghost you for discovery calls, ask yourself where you are not in integrity with your commitments.

If your email open rate is low, are you opening, reading, and responding to other industry newsletters you signed up for?

Taking ownership for everything you see in your reality is extremely empowering.

This may not always be obvious at first and require some soul-searching. Journaling, prayer, or meditation all work well.

When you discover patterns you’re far from proud of, try to meet yourself with love and compassion.

You’re human, and you are constantly evolving.

Forgive yourself for your apparent mistakes. Simply adjust your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Slowly (or rapidly), your outer reality will align with your new, upgraded inner world.

Start with something small, practice deliberately, and see what changes.

Do you want deeper support with this?

In my new 1:1 mentoring program, Lead with Love, we look into all aspects of your brand, business, and leadership (including your clients).

I coach you around your vision, ideal clients, and marketing. We'll also do plenty of mindset work, so you can transform those self-sabotaging stories and patterns that have been holding you back for years.

Whenever you forget how powerful you really are, I will call you back home to who you really are.

With a guide to mirror you consistently, magical transformations happen effortlessly and easily. (Spiritual transmissions included.)

Are you ready to stop hiding, waiting, and procrastinating, and finally build the legacy of love you came here to embody?

Do you want to get paid to be you, lead with Love, and be a boss?

Then I invite you to explore 1:1 mentoring with me.

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Nadja xo

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