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He has risen. An Easter message from Christ

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Hello friends, and happy Easter!

I woke up this morning with a strong call to meditate. When I connected to my core, there was a message from Jesus. Even if you don't believe in God (a Higher Power) or Jesus, I think there can be value for you in hearing this, so I chose to share it with you all here.

I’ve been opening up to my mediumship for almost two years now, but have been afraid to speak about it in public because I was worried that you may judge me.

Then I saw Lewis Howes interviewing Gabby Bernstein on The School of Greatness Podcast, in which she speaks openly about her mediumship. Thanks to this, I feel brave enough to share more of this part of me with you.

My hands are shaking as I’m typing this, and I’d much rather go hide and pull the vulnerability blanket over my head. Maybe this is too much for you. And maybe that’s okay too. Just take it if it serves you and leave it if it doesn’t vibe with you.

It’s just a little love note from Spirit for those of us who celebrate Easter.

“You are not who you think you are. You are a loved child of God, and that IS your sole reality. All else is illusion and WILL eventually fall away and disappear to where it came from-nothingness.

When you truly remember who you really are your whole world will change. Your universe as you currently know it will disappear. Only love and light and can exist when EVERYTHING has been forgiven.

I am waiting for that day in eternity, my friends, which is your true home as well as mine. Your true home has never left you, you have merely forgotten it.

Now is the time to remember that I AM the holy Son of God, and so are you. Since YOU are NOT separate from me, all appearances of separation are illusion.

I will wait for you patiently, my brothers and sisters, for the day of your return to the Kingdom of Heaven, where only eternal love abides.

Until then, remember this: there is nowhere you need to go and nothing you have to do, because everything has already been accomplished for you in heaven. You only need to pick and choose which reality you want to live in.

Choose God and your journey will be easy, choose love and love will be with you wherever you go.

I am risen to remind you of the Glory of God within you.

This is nothing to be ashamed of.

Your true greatness is not to be feared.

I AM in you and with you and around you always, there’s no denying it. I love you as the Father loves you, because the Father and I are ONE.

Hell is the dream of death and separation that you are living right now.

Remembering who you really are is your true homecoming.

You cannot know it fully yet until everything is forgiven, when every last little judgment and condemnation is healed in the Mind of God.

Then, my brothers and sisters, is Sin a faint memory of the past, and you will join with me once again in Heaven and be reunited in peace.

Not as you know it now, but the true peace of God. A peace so deep your minds cannot understand it. It is indeed a peace beyond understanding.

I love you so much my brothers and sisters. Celebrate this Easter Time as a joyful remembrance of who you really are, and all God’s angels will join you in the praise of God’s holy glory.



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