• Nadja Eriksson

How to magnetize your man

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Relationships can be hard, especially the romantic ones. It's so easy to get tripped over when we fall head over heels.

That is why I have created "Magnetize Your Man", an online group coaching program to help you unravel from all the misconceptions you've built around relationships to help you manifest true love into your life.

No matter if you are already in an intimate relationship and want to create more love and intimacy, or you are single and looking for the one, this program will gently but fiercely rearrange your heart and mind so that love can fully enter into your experience.

Wanna hear me talk more about this more?

In this podcast, I am talking about how I created love in abundance in my life, what marriage really means to me, and why devotion and spiritual surrender are such important aspects if you want to attract a deeply loving intimate relationship.

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