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How Alice Evolved Her Brand With Personalized Copy

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

We work so well together, we "got married" (meaning we're on a monthly retainer)


Goal: Expanding her online presence with a strong and cohesive brand vision

Struggle: Evolving her brand without confusing her audience

Achievement: Adding Alice’s personality to every page of her site, so each word moves readers closer to falling in love and buying

Package: Websites That Woo & Wow + Sales Seduction + countless Power Hours

Alice Hong is my favorite client.

She’s a tantric sister who lives with her heart wide open to the full spectrum of the human experience; an embodied soul dancing on earth; a modern mystic who longs to remember Source.

In her online biz, she coaches women to stand unapologetically in who they are in all areas of their lives, so they can free themselves from old conditioning while giving themselves permission to live a life full of possibility and pleasure.

Alice is both professional and heart-centered. Being in her presence feels deeply nourishing, and her sweetness makes me want to work with her forever. #BFF4Life kind of stuff.

Since discovering me through a mutual friend, she made the investment to have me write her new website from scratch, (re-)write several sales pages, consult her on her brand, and map out her email marketing funnel for her.

This investment is the highest amount of money she has ever spent on a contractor. She says, “I am so glad I made the decision to hire you. You are well worth your rate.”

Not only did the copy I wrote for Alice help build a fresh website, grow her list, re-launch her online membership by converting cold leads into customers, but it expanded her vision of herself and her biz as well.

Alice LOVED the process of working together:

“When I first opened the doc with my new website copy, I cried. Seriously. I’m so in love. I cried from feeling so seen and heard. That you could articulate ME in ways that I couldn’t. You have a way with words that just nails it. That makes me say, ‘Yes, that’s me!’ You are able to get into the minds and hearts of clients, to truly empathize, in order to support people to make the courageous step to invest in themselves.

I also cried from laughing (I love your wit and humor!). You could translate my personality into words and inspired me to not be afraid to show up more boldly in the world.

I love working with you so much! It saves me time, effort, and frustration.

The result is way better than what I can do alone. I also love that I always get high-quality results back. We barely had to do much in the feedback rounds, which is such a huge relief!”

When asked if she’d recommend others to work with me, she replied:

“HELL YES! I’m happy to recommend you because you are EPIC! I already have and will continue to do so.”

Okay, let’s get married and do this thing forever, shall we? ;)

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