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How Carl-Mikael not only got a deeper understanding of his offering but also of HIMSELF

Updated: Apr 2, 2021


Goal: A solid brand foundation to build confidence and inspire his content marketing for years to come

Struggle: Too many creative ideas but no clear direction where to channel them

Achievement: A compelling brand story and an ideal client avatar he fell in LOVE with

Package: Brand-Consulting VIP-Day

This cutie has such a BIG heart it makes me wanna hug him all the time

Carl-Mikael Nordlöf is a digital entrepreneur turned relationship therapist. He supports people in finding more meaning, depth, and fulfillment in their relationships. His enthusiasm, joy, and love for his purpose infuse everything he creates, and his kindness and playfulness is contagious.

Likeminded souls attract each other, so when he came to my home for a Brand Strategy VIP Day, Carl-Mikael was blown away: “Nadja’s passion shines through, and the way she combines heartfelt, personal meetings with precision and professionalism feels great.”

Being a therapist, Carl-Mikael is used to holding space for others. His challenge? Since he’s so good at guiding clients in their processes, it’s not always easy to do so for himself.

“I loved how held I was during the process. I also appreciated the way Nadja helped me see myself, like a perfect mirror. This intensive was a deep-dive into who I really am and what I want to offer the world. When we finished working on the strategy, I didn’t just get a deeper understanding of my offering -- I also gained a deeper understanding of myself.”

This is what makes your brand stand out -- showing up fully as who you are, the quirky, loving, real YOU. It’s also what attracted Carl-Mikael to working with me.

“One of the things I like about Nadja is how she stands out from the crowd. I love her personal touch and confidence -- it’s something I wanted as well.”

Another thing that attracted Carl-Mikael to my work was how I use stories.

He says, “I love Nadja’s ability to work with storytelling; it helps me have an inner dialogue with my ideal client. Before working with Nadja, creating content was such a chore. I always had a hard time knowing what to write. But since I am now a lot clearer on who my ideal client is, creating content is EASY.”

I’m hearing it again and again -- unearthing what makes an ideal client tick is a lot harder when conscious entrepreneurs try to do it all by themselves. Getting outside guidance is so helpful -- especially when it’s about shifting from the head into the heart and hara.

“If you have a chance to work with Nadja, do it!” Carl-Mikael says. “You won’t be disappointed!”

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