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How Dan and Aleah launched their brand with website copy that converts


Goal: Launch their brand, The Royal Path, with a stunning new website

Struggle: Being so deeply immersed in their work they couldn’t see their messaging from the customers’ perspective anymore

Achievement: Copy that speaks directly to their ideal clients and gets lots of positive responses

Package: Miracle Makeovers

These hotties are deep AF

Confession: I LOVE my clients.

It’s true. They all become like good friends to me. And sometimes, good friends become clients.

Aleah Ava and Dan Hart are great examples of this. They’re the founders of The Royal Path, a company with the goal of emotional liberation. (Whoa!) Through their deep healing retreats and intimate coaching, they support clients struggling with sex- and relationship challenges. Through their unique method -- Emotional Recycling -- they facilitate healing from childhood trauma, so you can be become like the phoenix rising from the ashes of your old self.

I’ve known them for years, and from my own experience of working with them (both as a client and copywriter), I know just how compassionate, caring, and full of integrity they are. They truly walk their talk.

So when Aleah asked me to optimize their new website’s copy, I was like “GURL, of course!”

Not only did this help them launch their brand, grow their audience, and feel super confident about their new website, but it also empowered Aleah to become a more efficient writer.

“When we received the new copy, we felt SO excited. Loving it, we were confident that hiring Nadja was the right choice. The copy makeover has already paid for itself,” Aleah told me. “Nadja’s writing is straight to the point, inviting, and sexy! She knows how to talk to people, break down complexities, and make our work sound inviting, not heavy.”

Now that’s a result that makes me wanna cry tears of happiness!

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