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How Hajee Received Copy with a Punch (It Made This Gentle Giant Cry)

Hajee Pepping, the gentle giant of European men's work


Goal: Launch his new website to create a stronger online presence

Struggle: Finding a copywriter who actually gets him and his deep work

Achievement: Website copy he can use for the next 4-5 years

Package: 2 One-Night Stands (a.k.a. 2 VIP days with yours truly)

Hajee Pepping is called “the gentle giant of European men’s work” for a reason.

He’s tall and as tough as my Schott NYC biker jacket.

But more than his physical height, he has inner greatness. Having known Hajee for many years (we were in the same tantra school together), I’ve seen him grow and evolve into the man he is today.

His brand, Mankracht (that’s Dutch; it loosely translates as Man Power), is an extension of his personal values: authenticity, humor, integrity, and commitment.

Mankracht’s mission is to "support men in becoming the best versions of themselves." He does this by "restoring men's domains in society (a.k.a. men’s groups) for cultivating healthy and strong masculinity."

He told me he gets very energized when he can bring a group of men closer to who they are.

Working together on his new website, I got a taste of his aliveness, humility, and fun-loving spirit.

He in turn got to taste my “thoroughness” with the work, which he “really loved.”

(Although it was, in his own words, a pain in the ass at times because he really had to dig deep regarding his ideal customer, products, mission, and vision.)

He booked a 2-day engagement with me. These exclusive VIP days come for 6 hours each.

We agreed to rewrite four core pages from his old website during this time: the Basic Training, Core Groups, Private Coaching, and Facilitator Training.

Once the two days were up, I sent him a voice note on WhatsApp saying that his new copy was waiting for him in our shared Google Doc.

When we jumped on Zoom for a copy review, Hajee had tears in his eyes.

He told me later:

“The first time I read your copy, I had to cry. I realized I could never ever rave so gently about my products as you do. I received this as a gift. It feels great. And I almost had to force myself to truly receive it. I'm so happy with the results.”

So what made him choose me, a woman, as his copywriter?

He says,

“Once I decided to outsource my copy, you were recommended by several friends. I thought: 'fuck yes, she knows my type of work – this stuff is not new to her.' It was important for me to have someone who fully understands AND supports me.”

I get this type of feedback all the time. People feel that I "get" them because I've been immersed in the world of personal development and spiritual growth for two decades.

This makes me uniquely qualified to write and consult for coaches, teachers and experts just like you.

What can I say?

I love supporting conscious entrepreneurs who are serving love in the world!

Wait, does this describe you?

Get on a call with me right now!

PS: Still want to try your own hand at website copywriting first? Get my FREE guide to learn how (and save lots of time figuring it out on your own).

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