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How Lore went from 0 to her HIGHEST INCOME ever in only 3 weeks

Updated: Apr 2, 2021


Goal: Get total brand-clarity and a website that portrays her unique brilliance

Struggle: Starting with branding, marketing, and copy from scratch because her previous website copy was not converting AT ALL

Achievement: Total brand clarity and confidence, a solid marketing plan, and the highest conversions ever

Package: Brand-Consulting VIP-Day + Done-For-YOU-Website Copy Package

This girl can orgasm just from having her period. Just sayin'...

It certainly goes without saying that I love to watch my clients win.

I mean, working with Lore was a whole lot of fun in itself (it included a dance party!), but when she told me that she’d sold her first 3K coaching package within three weeks of working with me, my heart might have missed a beat.

Meet Lore Blanke, embodiment coach, intimacy expert, and sex-educator. Lore can talk about pleasure and desire all day long. Her passion is to guide women (and men) into meaningful intimate connections, sizzling sex, and orgasmic menstruation(!).

This fall, we worked on her new website together, one that would display her unique brilliance. She DIYed two websites before but didn’t get the results she wanted. When she hired me, we realized that it was because she was trying to speak to everyone in her copy. And we all know what happens when you talk to everyone--you talk to NO ONE.

So the first thing we did was get super clear on her brand story and messaging.

“The brand consulting VIP-day was definitely the most beautiful add-on to the copywriting package. I love how much Nadja understands me and my business. The confidence and courage she’s helped me bring forth made me raise my rates dramatically. As a result, I’ve had my highest income ever--within just three weeks of working with Nadja!”

Mindset work is my secret superpower (my coaching background comes in handy here!). Clients repeatedly experience greater clarity, confidence, and cash-flow as a result of working with me.

"I absolutely LOVE the copy Nadja wrote for me. I got so touched reading it, I had tears in my eyes."

Next up, I wrote Lore's website copy. “The more I read it, the more I love it," she said. "It felt amazing to receive the texts and think, 'YES, this couldn’t be any better!'”

Being all about pleasure, Lore gets the value of saving time by outsourcing her copy to an expert. “It would have taken me YEARS if no one had taken the pen out of my hand and done it for me. With Nadja, it all went so FAST.”

And you know who the “expert” is, right?


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