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How Mercedes transformed her email funnel from "standard" to "sexy"

Merce doesn't just look lovely, she IS lovely.


Goal: Streamline her funnel so that her course eventually sells on autopilot

Struggle: Finding a copywriter who understands what she’s all about

Achievement: Copy that makes her feel like she wants to buy her own products

Package: The Nurturing Mama (an email welcome sequence for new subscribers)

+ a couple of Power Hours to optimize Merce’s website copy

Merce Duran is the biggest sweetheart.

She's a mum, sister to the incredible humans of this world, and free-spirited, wild woman. Merce beliefs that human life is the most amazing experience we could ever have because MAGIC can be found in the everyday--as long as we're open for it.

I first met her during a copywriting class I was teaching for my client Alice Hongs Alchemy of Business.

A couple of weeks later, Merce reached out asking if I knew any copywriters who work in Spanish. Knowing nothing of the Spanish market, I had no way of helping her other than work with her in English, and she’d translate the copy into Spanish.

It felt a bit laborious at first, but when I assured her that I have Swiss clients who work in both English and German, she gave a green light. (Most people are happy to translate my copy into their native language.)

One of the reasons Merce chose me as her copywriter was my “style, aliveness, and way of writing, which is relatable, direct, and sexy.”

We kicked off our work together with a website review, where I guided her on how to optimize the copy for easier navigation and more persuasion.

Then, I wrote a new welcome email funnel for her, one that would nurture new leads and invite them to buy her 10-week signature program. (A combination of gratitude, laughter yoga, and wild dancing.)

She commented that working together felt like “speaking with a sister who understands me and who is as committed to the project as I am. It was like going out and chatting about the job in between drinks. Fun AND fruitful. Straight AND efficient (like a Swiss clock!).”

As a result, Merce’s email leads funnel got transformed into one that has personality, a unique tone, and a story to tell (and sell).

And since her business is an online portal offering on-demand courses, the email funnel can be used… forever!

When asked if she’d recommend me to other entrepreneurs, she said, “Yes! And I already did…” (Her best friend Nadine came to me after Merce's recommendation.)

Looking for a copywriter who gets YOU?

Reach out now!

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