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How Nadine Discovered Her Brand’s USP In Under 60 Minutes

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Nadine has over 20 years of experience as a VA. Now, she LOVED my enthusiasm for her new brand.


GOAL: A messaging statement she could use on her LinkedIn profile and website

STRUGGLE: Setting herself apart in a sea of virtual assistants

ACHIEVEMENT: A new brand identity and a messaging statement that expresses her unique awesomeness

PACKAGE: A single Power Hour

It goes without saying that my clients are awesome.

As coaches and consultants, they all have hearts of gold and a strong desire to serve.

Nadine of Virtual Services by Nadine Waser is no different.

An executive assistant for over 20 years, she’s not only worked with companies of all sizes, she's also a trilingual yoga teacher!

Now that her daughter is getting ready for kindergarten, she’s decided to ditch the 9-5 and become her own boss as an independent virtual EA.

Nadine came to me for help with positioning her brand and creating a messaging statement she could use on her LinkedIn, website, and in conversations with prospects.

We started by identifying her ideal client, his biggest struggles and most burning desires.

She was already pretty clear about who this person was; all she needed was a little guidance on the all-important details.

Next, we worked on putting together all the information into a mission statement.

We played around with some ideas and different concepts.

Then I asked her, “What makes your brand truly unique?”

She told me about her experience, her language skills, and her background. In the end, she just casually mentioned that she’s also a Yoga teacher.

My brain fired off.

“Do not separate these two,” I told her. “This is who you are, this is your brand. This is your unique awesomeness.”

There are SO many yoga teachers out there, and as many virtual executive assistants.

But how many yogic executive assistants!?

Probably very few. (If any, at all.)

"Not only are you helping your clients grow their business by clearing their calendars, organizing their meetings, and helping them book travels. You’re ALSO getting their heads more spacious with your knowledge of yoga and meditation, so they can reach their next-level goals with ease and flow," I continued.

Imagine starting every meeting with a minute of mindfulness, or ending your day with 30 minutes of guided live Yoga via Zoom… all by your very own VA.

I would pay for that.

In a flash, I saw Nadine’s entire brand coming together...

The Mindful VA...

Hi, I’m Nadine, a virtual executive assistant who helps stressed out business owners discover their inner Zen, so they can grow their companies to seven figures and beyond with flow and ease.

The mindfulness part is what truly sets her apart.

And this is what Nadine has to say about working with me:

"Nadja is a wonderful person and awesome at what she is doing.

I was looking for help to position my brand and creating a messaging statement.

Within 1 hour, Nadja helped me create several powerful messaging statements to choose from and find my USP with ease.

She knows how to put your thoughts into words that speak to your ideal clients.

Working with Nadja was fun, and I got highly valuable information during this short time together.

The best part? She was as excited as I was about having found my uniqueness. I can only recommend her!"

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