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How Sabina found her voice and sold out her course with copy that connects and converts


GOAL: A freshly rebranded website that sells all her new programs

STRUGGLE: Expressing her essence and medicine with words that sell

ACHIEVEMENT: Sold-out courses and a stream of ongoing clients who love to pay her

PACKAGE: Websites That Woo & Wow + Sales Seduction + The Nurturing Mama + plenty of Power Hours and VIP Days

Sabina is not only powerful, she's also a whole lot of FUN

Sabina Elsa Astolfi, the founder of Powerful-Voices, is a voice coach, singer, and voice healer. She enables you to express your true greatness through the power of your voice.

That’s her official bio.

When I asked her who she was FOR REAL, however, she responded with spiritual poetry that took my breath away–

I am a Woman and a Mother,

A Lover and a Wife.

I am a Singer and the Sound,

A Voice Coach and a Healer.

I am the Dance between Perfection and Chaos.

The Student and the Teacher.

I am the Wise and the Fool,

The Rabbit and the Panther.

I am the Pebble rolling in the Sand,

And the Ruby on the Queen’s Ring.

I am the dirty Beggar on the Earth,

The Enchantress and the Judge that imprisons her.

I Sing and Rise with you.

Heart to Heart.

Soul to Soul.


Does someone who is so deeply in contact with her truth need a copywriter to help her write on brand?

Apparently, yes.

She told me that in the past, “I was never really satisfied with my copy because it’s not easy to express my medicine with words.”

But then the partner of Alice Hong told her that there’s a copywriter who’s “able to write in a way that people think you are in their heads and hearts.” (That’s me.) Sabina knew she needed that.

When she first reached out to me, we shared an instant connection. I loved her warm, friendly way, and she loved the interactive process of working together:

“There was so much exchange between us. You were super interested in deeply understanding who I am, what I’m great at, who I want to serve, what results my clients get, etc. You pushed me to show up and stop hiding, mirroring my superpower and formulating it in beautiful words.”

We started with rewriting her entire website, so it would be a 100% expression of Sabina.

The goal is to make your reader feel YOU through every word, whether in an email, on a social media post, website, or sales page.

When Sabina received her new website copy, she felt “deeply grateful… The results were amazing. As I read your words, I cried with joy and gratitude. ”

(Hmm, this seems to be a pattern–90% of all my clients cry from joy and gratitude when they get their copy back!)

We went on to create a welcome email sequence for new subscribers and several new sales pages for her 1:1 voice coaching and in-person voice workshops. We had so much fun working together, and the results speak for themselves:

“The new copy allowed me to launch my new course (that you encouraged me to create). I sent out two newsletters using your words and directed people to the sales page you wrote. The program SOLD OUT in only three weeks.

I also now have ongoing new clients who LOVE to work with me (and who are NOT repelled by my high rates). I know that copy plays a big part in that.”

WOO-HOO–sold-out courses and a stream of new clients who love to work with her at any cost–that’s what I call success!

Sabina attributes this boost in conversions to our work together. She said:

“You have an amazing gift! You guided me through a very deep and challenging process of birthing my brand. With your high sensitivity, you could feel and formulate the subtle energies and nuances of my work. You invited me to come out of my safe cave and show up more boldly.

You managed to put my personality into words, expressing my essence with so much precision, beauty, and lightness. Your writing is another universe: original, creative, flowing, attractive, bold, and deeply personal… I love it!!”


Do you also want words that express the unique essence of your brand, so people fall in love with and buy from you, again and again?

Click here to get started today!

PS: Sabina lives in Zurich; part of her audience speaks German. I wrote the copy in English, and then she translated it into German. Now, she has both an English and a German version on her site.

If your brand is not only targeted at English-speaking audiences, don’t let that stop you from hiring me. I had clients who translated my words into their native language before, and it worked well for them.

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