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How Sacred Medicine Helps Me Wake Up From The Dream (And How You Can Do It Too)

Awakening is not an easy task, but someone's gotta do it. And you are that someone.

Your physical reality is a simulation.

It’s not real in the way you think it is. It’s all made up. You made it up.

For the past 300.000 years, humanity has been in a state of separation.

But now, you’ve chosen to break out of the mental prison you have created for yourselves and to wake up from the matrix.

I’m lying back with my eyes closed.

“Yes, but also remember the sweetness of being human,” my medicine woman’s voice echos inside of my head.

So loving, humble, and devoted, her work is a blessing for everyone who gets touched by it.

Each time I meet her, I experience profound shifts and insights.

I wish getting information from my spiritual guides was always that easy.

Most of the time, however, my feeble human mind is preoccupied with meaningless thoughts. What I’m going to eat for lunch today? What colors should I wear? Where are we going to build our new home?

In my everyday life, waking up from the dream of separation always seems to get pushed on the backburner.

But not today.

Today, I’m receiving teachings that will change my mind forever.

Now they’re showing me a tree. It looks like it’s made of stone, but there’s a tiny hole in the concrete that envelops each leaf and branch.

Through it, I can see some greenery sticking out.

Above it, a giant light-being is chopping away layer after layer of concrete until more leaves are showing.

The light-being seems to be Jesus, but it could also be my Big SHE or any other spiritual guide.

After more chiseling, the light of the sun touches these leaves with grace, and a new spark of life arises from within its trunk.

Suddenly, something in the tree stirs. It’s trembling with power. As it extends, the whole concrete casing that kept it imprisoned cracks and bursts until it is gone.

The tree has liberated itself and stands freely and in its full glory.

The cracking of the ego-mind is what the psycho-spiritual text A Course in Miracles calls light-episodes.

While the light of God touches your mind, your perception changes, and you remember your primordial state.

The more you work on changing ego-thoughts (I’m not good enough, I hate him, Nobody loves me) to perceiving life through the mind of God, the more you’re carving off the hard casing around your being that separates you from reality.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to do this disciplined mind-training forever.

At some point, you will gain so much momentum that the remembrance of who you really are will arise from within you. It gets easier over time.

Besides, you always have guidance. We are always here to help you.

But you must ask. If you don’t ask us for help, our hands are tied. We can only interfere when you ask for our guidance.

If this touches something ancient in you, you are not alone.

Each one of us is a tree. We’re all living in darkness because our minds are covered by this layer of concrete that stops us from experiencing the truth of who we really are.

Remember, we’ve spent the past 300.000 years asleep.

Since the dawn of human consciousness, we’ve been living under the grip of the separated ego-mind.

In eternity, time means nothing though. It’s less than the blink of an eye.

But still, wouldn't it be nice to wake up from the self-inflicted nightmare humanity is dreaming? Look around you. There's more suffering than we can handle.

It’s time to start working on our liberation so we can end this madness and find peace.

You don’t have to be a student of A Course in Miracles to align your mind with the Big Mind. There are countless valuable spiritual teachings out there.

I’ve had great experiences working with my inner guide, whom I and many others call the Big SHE.

SHE is the wisest part of you, your true Self.

SHE is also known as the Holy Spirit, the Shekhina, or the Wise Woman.

SHE is always there to guide you when you’re confused in your choice between fear and love.

If you’re new to this and need a little more guidance, my course Self-Love For Conscious Entrepreneurs might be perfect for you.

In there, I’m laying out how the ego-mind keeps you insecure and small, how and what you can do now to build an intimate relationship with your inner guide back to love.

No plant medicine required. ;)

Click here to check out the course.

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