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How Sarrah launched her women’s tantra brand and pulled in over 2000 new leads.

I love this girl. And the adoration is mutual! #dreamjob


Goal: Expand her business and save time

Struggle: Building a new brand completely from scratch

Achievement: Copy that lasts for years and can easily scale

Package: Websites That Woo & Wow + Sales Seduction

When Sarrah Rose first reached out to me, I was like, OMFG, what a BABE.

This NYC-based tantra teacher has been educating thousands of (wo)men on all things sex and spirit for the past 9 years. One young farmer even experienced full-body orgasms sitting on his tractor after coaching with Sarrah! Oh My!

This year, Sarrah was on fire with serving her ladies again. (‘Cos nothing beats sisterhood, am I right?) Her goal was to expand her business and launch a women’s website with a magnetic lead funnel.

As a leader and visionary with an endless flow of creative energy, she needs triple the number of hours in the day to create all that she’s excited about. Outsourcing all her copywriting needs to yours truly was a no-brainer.

Sarrah loved the process of working with me, saying: “You’re amazing! You keep track of everything and you’re super organized when I’m all over the place, making a million things happen. You’re very intuitive and thoughtful, and I love your flavor and creativity. I love your sexy, bold style, and your knowledge of tantra is what I needed.”

PLUS, I helped Sarrah stay true to her bold brand voice while also sounding approachable to other women.

"Everything was juicy, sexy, and reflected my brand really well.

I didn’t have a women’s site before, but my women’s immersion had over 2,000 sign-ups! I now have a really good foundation to build off of.”

Yeah! I know I’m repeating myself, but good copy builds trust and turns newbies into fans. It’s all about how words can make you feel.

When I asked Sarrah how her new copy made her feel, she replied: “Wet! When making any decision, I ask myself, ‘Is my pussy wet for this?’ The new copy on my women’s site made me feel excited and turned on!”

Now that’s a juicy result we’re proud of.

Do you also want copy that seduces and sells? Get in touch!

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