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How this zero-waste influencer reminded me of my power

The Mason Jar was my futile attempt to produce less trash in NYC

Lauren Singer is my biggest girl crush ever.

I first found her in 2015, through a Mind Body Green article where she talked about her Zero Waste journey.

Lauren is a hot twenty-something living in NYC—a place where the sidewalks overflow with black waste bags and rats the size of beavers casually cross your path on the way home from the subway—who managed to store years' worth of trash in a single mason jar.

I was mesmerized.

How could she be so graceful and so environmentally conscious at the same time?

My interest was piqued.

Once I discovered that there was an actual zero-waste store that had just opened in Berlin, I had to visit… And immediately wanted to move from Sweden to Germany.

But life saw me move to NYC instead.

So I kept following Lauren online and when she spoke live at a conference, I went. But I was so star-struck, I didn’t dare to approach her.

“Why?! She talks about trash!!” my then-husband asked.

“But she’s so cool and pretty and kind. What’s not to love?”

And then, just as we were about to leave NYC, I met her.

We had so many plants in our studio apartment, and I wanted them to have a worthy new home after we left. I posted about it on Instagram and tagged Lauren. She became our new plant mama!

But the story doesn’t end here.

After we moved from Manhattan to Berlin, guess where we’d found an apartment?

Yes—in the very same building the zero-waste store was situated! I kid you not.

We lived above that shop for two years. (Just three years after I’d wanted to move to Berlin, so I could go zero waste and be more like Lauren.) Not just in the same city or neighborhood, but in the same friggin’ building!!

I had to pinch myself.

But then I thought back to all the other things I had once desired that also had come true:

Experiencing tantric Kundalini awakenings…

Getting married and moving to New York City…

Making money writing while living in a red timber house in the forest… and so much more.

All these manifestations were once desires in my heart.

It took me a couple of years to realize how powerful my mind is, and how the universe is always listening to my thoughts.

But this is not special to me.

The universe is listening to your thoughts, feelings, and desires all the time.

This is why it’s so important to honor and listen to your deepest heart's longings. They’re like a compass in the direction of your dreams.

Because you and the universe are in a constant process of co-creating the love story that is YOUR life.

Your desires come from God. (The Latin root de-Sire literally means ‘of the father’.)

And since you have desires, it means that they’re *meant for you.*

Dishonoring them would be an insult to Creation.

That’s why the first thing I do with all my mentoring clients is getting them deeply connected to their desires.


What do you want? Who do you want to become? What’s the highest vision you’ve ever held about yourself?

When you have that clear, it’s time to decide.

Will you trust yourself and the Divine enough to honor your desires and follow the inner guidance that always shows you the next natural steps to making all your dreams come true?

Or do you follow the ego, the small fearful voice in your mind, that says it can’t be done?

It’s really up to you…

But when you walk with me, I always call you back home to your power. Whenever you forget, I remind you. Because I want to see you flourish, shine, and serve Love in the way only you can.

If this sounds exciting to you, I want you to apply to join my new mentoring program, Lead with Love.

It’s a three-month journey that takes you from confusion to confidence. Not just about your desires, but ALL of you. Your business, your brand, your essence.

You’ll discover the unique blueprint that makes you, YOU and express yourself in the world in your deepest truth and brightest light, serving with your deepest heart's gifts in a way no one else can.

Join me now.


Nadja xo

PS: You don’t have to be zero-waste aware or Instagram famous to work with me. You just need to have the desire to expand into your next growth edge.

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