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Work on your period?

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Did you know that each month, your body is cycling through a mini-year, reflecting all of nature’s seasons and cycles?

As women, our nature is deeply cyclical, and with our bodies being part of nature, our monthly menstrual cycle reflects the wisdom teachings of the seasons and cycles of nature herself. When we learn how to flow with our nature, we thrive.

Unfortunately, most of us have forgotten this ancient wisdom, and instead, we have bought into the glorification of masculine go over feminine flow. We have adopted a male role model of success because we have been taught that if we want to be as successful as men, we have to suck it up and act like a man.

But in the long run, this constant pushing is draining and can lead to exhaustion, burn-out, anxiety, and depression, mental health issues that affect women twice as much as men.

If not that, chances are that you’re constantly tired, overworked, and drained. Your zest for life is fading.

If you are searching for a way to work more in alignment with your feminine nature, here is one way of doing so.

As I already mentioned, each month your body is going through a mini-year of seasons, from spring to winter and back to spring. Each season is different and offers multiple pearls of wisdom. Let’s break this down so you can understand exactly how this applies to your work and career.

We’re starting with spring, the season of new life, regeneration, and vitality. Your body is just starting to grow a new egg in your ovaries and naturally, you’re feeling fresh life inside of you. This is a great time to begin new projects, implement fresh ideas, and map out your schedule. Energies are usually high at this time of the month and you may feel like hustling.

Allow yourself to follow this life-force energy, and let your creativity soar. You are planting new seeds that will be harvested later in the summer and fall. For now, be creative: write, teach, plan, and strategise. You could even place some fresh flowers on your desk to remind yourself of the creative, joyful energy of spring.

After spring comes summer, a time for celebration and extroversion. In your body, it is the time of ovulation, and even though you may experience a small dip on the day of your ovulation, your energy should now be at a peak high. It is time to go full throttle in life and your career. Enjoy your power and momentum and have fun!

I suggest scheduling all your important meetings and tasks around this time of literal spring and summer. This is when you feel most confident and kick-ass, and you will want to make the most of it. This is a great phase for public speaking, sales conversations, salary negotiations, or difficult conversations with bosses or co-workers. Anything that takes high energy levels can be done now.

Next up, we’re transitioning from summer to fall. PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) is coming up; hormones can get a little imbalanced and you may feel emotionally unstable. But once you learn how to work with strong emotions such as anger or sadness, you can find the gold in them.

PMS becomes your best friend when you understand that she is letting you know where you’re out of alignment with what’s true for you. She is showing you what’s no longer working. Think of her as your no-BS sister.

Use her wisdom by getting out your journal and instead of stumbling into heated arguments, write about all the things that upset you in your diary. Reap your insights and wait with having the hard conversations until your next spring (when you feel more emotionally stable.)

Autumn is also the time for release. Like leaves that are falling from the trees, so is it time for you to let go of the old. Tie up any loose ends and take inventory. Which seeds from the spring came to fruition, and which ones did not work out? What is important now? What projects will you take with you into the quiet of winter, and which ones are you ready to let go? Get organised.

Finally, we’re entering the deep rest of winter. If you look at nature, not much is happening. Animals are either in hibernation or have flown south. The trees are quiet. Nature is in a deep slumber, dreaming of spring. This is your monthly time of menstruation, or if you’re no longer bleeding, post-menopause. It is a special time of silent contemplation, dreaming, and visioning.

It is said that in old Judaism, women were not allowed to work during the first three days of their period. Instead, they would all gather in a so-called Red Tent, where they’d share stories, enjoy sweet treats, or rest and dream together.

If you cannot afford yourself the luxury of taking 2-3 days off work when your period sets in, allow yourself some extra self-care by bringing a thermos with hot ginger tea to work, and maybe a cozy cashmere blanket you can wrap up in.

Focus on routine tasks and adopt a slower pace. Delegate more than usual and take time to rest. Easy does it.

Make time for silence and contemplation. Maybe invest in a pair of noise-canceling headphones to drown out the office noise. Your intuition is especially strong at this time of the month, so make the most of it by listening to these inner cues.

When you pay attention, you will receive huge gifts in the form of new ideas, inspiration, and creativity. But wait with implementation until after your period, when springtime is dominant in your body again. This will usually happen effortlessly around three to five days after the onset of your period.

Follow your body’s guidance, and you will know when it’s time to burst into the world again. If you’re unsure about your cycles, start paying more attention to your body. You could even write a little diary entry for each day of the month, tracking how you’re feeling in your mood and energy levels.

If you want to be more technical, there are plenty of period tracker apps on the market. They will inform you when your ovulation and PMS are coming up, and you can even see a forecast for several months ahead. This way, scheduling meetings, and tasks will become easier. You could even put your PMS and period week on your Google calendar, for maximum clarity.

Try it out for a few months, and see how your productivity, creativity, and happiness are soaring.

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