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How to Bring Your Spiritual Values Into Your Business

It is the full moon.

Tuesday evening at BE LAMB, a woo-adjacent co-working space in central Stockholm.

A group of fifteen women, we're moving our bodies to loud trance music drumming from the speakers.

“Go deeper. How much can you let go in your entire body?” the facilitator asks.

This part of this ceremony is about integrating the visions we received during the mediation earlier. It is time to fully embody it.

I need no further encouragement.

As I let go of control, my Kundalini (sacred sexual life-force energy) takes over.

I enter a trance state where I make sounds and movements that may seem strange to those unfamiliar with such wild expressions.

Eyes closed, I feel the facilitator helping me release contractions and stuck emotions from my system. She's splashing Florida water from her mouth as if this was an exorcism.

I’m sweating profusely as the heat rises up my torso and into my head.

When it’s all over, she asks if I’m okay.

“More than okay,” I smile. “It’s just energy moving.”

“It’s been a strong ceremony,” she tells the group. “It can look intense, but don’t worry, it’s all good.”

I can’t go home. Not yet. I feel too open to get out on the streets, so I head upstairs for a cup of soothing chamomile tea.

Sitting in a large black leather chair, meditation happens naturally. I rest silently for a long time, without any of the usual monkey mind thoughts competing for my attention.

Instead, I’m receiving clear guidance from my Big She (my feminine Soul).

“Lead the brand consult with Manorama from the feminine, in co-creation with her Big She. Your client is very spiritual and devoted; she will get and love this. Pray and invoke the presence of HER into the room. Don’t plan. Just invite her to connect to her essence and let HER feed her the information on her jewelry brand.

It’s about the depth you can create. Once the download comes, it will be crystal clear right away.

Remember, this is your business. You can do this any way you want. This is your creation. Take your clients on a journey. You have the depth and wisdom to lead people deeper.

Use more of your tantric priestess skills to activate ancient knowledge in these entrepreneurs. You are in this field to transmit what you have inside you to others, so they can share it with their people. Trust your inner knowing.”

A couple of days later, I’m on Zoom with my client.

After about an hour of talking about brand strategy, I suggest we go into meditation to ask her higher Self for further guidance. We connect easily and receive great clarity.

Once all the information has come, SHE ends by saying, “Let’s fly!”

We’re both moved by the depth and sweetness of this conversation.

Once she opens her eyes, Manorama looks at me and says,

“Wow. Your process is amazing. You create a space where people can dive deep into the heart of their brand.”

Do you also want to dive deeper into the heart of your sacred brand?

Maybe you desire to bring your spiritual values into your business but feel hesitant.

To which I want to say: your dreams, desires, and visions are the call of your Soul to step into your boldest expression of who you really are.

The world needs your magical gifts.

There’s a reason you are spiritual and have a business.

No need to separate these two.

Your sacred brand is how you show up and serve in this world as the highest expression of YOU.

Because there’s nobody like you, no one can do things the way you do.

So please, do us a favor and stop hiding. It’s time you infuse your business with more of your spiritual values.

Connect daily to your inner being through embodiment, prayer, and journaling. (Or whatever method is most powerful for you.)

Trust the wisdom and guidance that comes through.

If you’re doubting yourself or still feel unclear, let me help you.

In a Power Hour, I connect you with your highest vision of your sacred brand and how you can infuse it with more of YOU (including your spiritual depth if that is what you want).

My magic lies in seeing your greatness from a higher perspective and making you feel it yourself, so you can trust yourself to lead with your highest vision of a new earth.

Want that?

Get in touch today. I’d love to hear from you.

xo Nadja

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