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Life-design with your Big She

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Who are you? Mother, wife, daughter? An entrepreneur, artist, writer? Are you a sales clerk, a yogini, or a spiritual seeker? What if this isn’t who you really are? What if you’re not your job description, your marital status, or your past? What’s left once we unravel these arbitrary labels?

The Great I AM is who you really are. It's the opposite of separation. It’s the spirit that connects and unites us all. Love is who you really are, and the great I AM is love. The Great I AM is the emptiness behind all appearances. But the emptiness is also known as love. It is your true nature, your innermost core. Your essence.

Pay attention to the silence. Really listen to the stillness. It speaks. It is infinite intelligence. This is where your creativity comes from. From source.

Relax. Be still. Pay attention. God does not speak to the loud ones. There’s a reason why silence is so valued in countess spiritual traditions and religions all over the planet.

Silence speaks.

If you let it. Are you willing to listen? Slow down and pay attention. All the answers you could ever need are inside of you, because you are not separate from God, or source.

Source is within you, it is you.

There are various ways to open to God. No one is better or more valuable than another. It’s just that different people have different preferences. What may work for one might not work for another. That is why there are so many different spiritual teachers and teachings out there, so that everyOne can find out for themselves what suits them the most in their individual journey of awakening.

Silence and contemplation is one way. Listening to nature and meditating on sounds another. Sex and the right use of drugs a third. It’s important that you don’t judge or condemn one person's choices and ways of finding to God. Every soul has their unique preferences and prerequisites to come into this lifetime and to know its true nature. No one way is better or more valuable than another, and all paths eventually lead you back home.

We are all looking for the connection with our inner being. No matter how obscure someone's life choices and decisions may seem from the outside. At the deepest level, we’re all looking to find that deeper connection with who we really are.

We all long for home.

What path you have chosen is all depending on your conditioning and the circumstances under which you grew up. That is something you have chosen for yourself far before your birth into this human in-body experience. So no matter how hard or difficult your life situation may look like right now, breathe, and acknowledge that God makes no mistakes. What you are experiencing is right for you in this moment.

Once you've acknowledged your own creation, and stopped internally fighting with what is, you’re ready to change it. You’re always free to make a new creation. A new choice.

This is the highest form of freedom you've been given. The freedom to choose.

Whenever you make a new choice, a whole new universe is born open. Infinite possibilities exist on that immaterial plane of thought. This is where you are unlimited. The power of creation that your thoughts have is completely underestimated.

“Be still and know that I AM God.”

Or, "I AM the light and the way...". What if Jesus was speaking not from his personal self, but from the knowing of who he really was? From that, as that, which always is? If his essence was divine, so is yours. Because nobody is separate from the Great I AM. Remember always that the Great I AM lives inside of you. You can never be separate from who you really are. It is you, and you are it.

Once you realize how powerful that is, you will never see yourself as small and insignificant again. Why? Because the power of unconditional love and expansion lives inside of you. It cannot not be. All you have to do is to be willing to open and remember who you really are.


You remember by asking. Willingness is all it takes. And a daily, ongoing practice. You cannot receive something you haven't asked for. The universe will never deliver something to you that you have not asked for on some level.

All you see is your creation.

But since you are not alone walking the earth, you co-create with other human beings. What you see right now on earth is a collective co-creation of the many many consciousnesses of humans. But you can only see the past. What you are experiencing right now is a past creation. It is already old. The present moment is “pre-sent” from the past.

Right now, with your thoughts and emotions, you are creating your future. You are projecting your past into your future by focusing on what you are seeing now, instead of focusing on what you want to see. This keeps you stuck in a repetitive cycle, where it looks as though you are attracting the same circumstances and life situations over and over again.

Do you want to change your life?

Then you must be willing to make a new choice, to dream a new dream. Allow yourself to dream big. Dare to expand your mind in ways you would never have thought possible.

This life is a dream. You are the dream and the dreamer. You can orchestrate your own dream.

What do you want your life to look like?

Nothing is impossible in your dream-reality. You could be a rockstar or a minister, a sage or a superhero. It's never too late to change. But remember to have fun with this. Like when you were a child. You could be anything in your daydreams. Nothing could stop you. You didn’t care if not all fantasies came to fruition, did you? You were too busy having fun.

As you explore your innermost dreams and desires, notice how these different fantasies feel in your body. Which one lands the most? Where do you resonate the strongest? Let that bodily response be your guide.

Your inner being will always lead you to your highest vision and potential.

It knows your dreams and desires more intimately than you do. Trust and connect with your inner being on a regular basis. Build a relationship with it. The more you pay attention, the stronger it gets.

Listen to your intuition. Your hunches. Pray and meditate daily. Even just 15 minutes a day are enough. Practice often, and your soul will guide you towards your highest dreams. One small step at a time.

Below is a process we call The Dream Factory.

It is designed to help you get clarity on your highest dreams and deepest desires. And to help you craft a step-by-step plan for making your dreams a reality by remembering who you really are as a powerful creator. This exercise is part of an upcoming book, which I am co-authoring together with my friend Ingunn Tennbakk.

Dreams are aspirations to become reality.

Much like you don’t see the newborn baby before it is born into physical reality, you can’t see your dreams when they’re conceived.

Your dreams are intuitions and inspirations to creation.

Your dreams are born from much the same dreamscape as the newborn baby. For women who are in contact with their womb space, they have the possibility to track the conception of their dream.

When a dream is born from the cradle of creativity, women with high awareness can feel the resonance in the base of their bodies. This is where trust and belief comes together with the creation of dreams.

When you’re in deep contact with your feminine creational space, you have the ability to know that your dreams are already a reality from the moment of conception. Your dreams are felt by loving attention from a trust and knowing.

When you trust the feeling of your womb-space and the knowing that your dreams will grow when you feed them with good emotion, you don’t have to effort anything into being. Much like you don’t need to change any nappies before the baby is a full-born manifestation, there is no need to effort to feed the baby that is still in the womb. In the same way you can allow your creative genius to mature and you will know when it’s time to take action.

By patiently waiting for the dream to grow through the manifestational process and be born into reality, all your actions will feel like the natural next step.

Much like you can’t force a newborn to walk, you cannot demand your dream into reality before it is ready. This is a natural birthing process and when you follow it fluently, you don’t need to fuss or worry about what you are going to do with it.

The process of creation is a naturally inbuilt part of every human being, but since you have been conditioned away from from your instincts, it is necessary for you to be acquainted with the creational process again in order for you to utilize it in a way that will consciously enrich your life. When you trust in your feelings, the creational process becomes effortless and you can relax into the knowing that your dreams will come true.

Since many people have stopped trusting and believing in the power of their dreams, we have created a few processes to help you to get back into your dreamscape reality. We would like for your dreams to be just as or even more important to you than your current reality. Using your imagination in order to escape a painful situation is not escapism, but the survival instinct of a powerful creator. That is why many children daydream for hours on end when they are incarcerated, keeping their dreams alive is the absolute belief of creating a better future.

The moment you stop believing in your dreams, you become rigid and captured like a prisoner of your current reality and you end up staying on the frequency of the problems surrounding you instead of seeking the solutions that are always available to you when you allow them in.

Process: The Dream Factory

You’ve heard it before - dream big!

If you are currently feeling like you’re stuck in a grey, boring or unwanted reality, then we encourage you to train yourself to release your imagination. You may find it difficult to see improvements that feel obtainable to you, so freeing yourself totally from your current reality in your dreamscape can be of great value.

If you are for instance in great pain, or hindered by physical obstacles, your mind is still totally free to travel wherever it wants to go. By freeing yourself from your current reality, your body will start to produce positive reactions to the content of your mind. Your body or the universe does not care whether or not your emotions are produced on the basis of your current reality or your dream space. They simply react to the positive vibrations of your dreams.

In this way, you can change the way you feel by manipulating the content of your mind. You are the one who is choosing and there is room for all kinds of imaginary choices. You can even break loose from your current personality or small She and dream up a totally new, healthy, and vital version of yourself. You choose who you are in your dreams. You don’t even have to share this with anyone around you. In fact, we encourage you to keep your dreams to yourself or only share them with the people that you really trust before they start manifesting in physical reality.

When you dream big, you train your mind to open and see new possibilities.

This will greatly affect your current understanding of your own reality. When you open your mind like this, you train yourself to see the possibilities that have not previously been available to you and your current reality grows and changes naturally.

Be careful to put too many villains and obstacles to overcome into your dreams, as you might find they manifest into your current reality. If you’re making yourself into too much of a super-heroine, you might find that your current reality becomes a row of difficulties that you will have to overcome. Keep your dreamscape in the fashion that reflects the emotions that you want to experience. The content of the story is not significant, but the emotions that are produced is what is laying the basis for your experiences in your current reality.

We encourage to play around with this. Playing in your dreamscape and observing what happens in your current reality is a perfect way of getting a grasp on your own power of creation. When you see that parts of your dreams are manifesting in your current reality, it becomes easier for you to believe that your dreams actually can come true and the process of creation speeds up.

We suggest that you journal your dreams.

Writing not only emphasizes the process, but also makes it possible for you to track your creational process. If you see that parts of your dreams are not manifesting in the way that you had hoped, you might go back to using the process of bridging beliefs to see if you harbor opposing beliefs that can hinder the manifestation of the creation.

Of course you can be dreaming in such a way that the only way you can imagine your dreams would come true is as part of a Hollywood production, but we still encourage you to keep dreaming, as all dreams are seeds to reality. If you encounter that dreams become difficult or turn into nightmares, this is the perfect possibility for you to work on your emotions. Your dreams lead your current reality, and also mirror what is going on in your emotional body. But as your dreams are more fluid to you than your manifested reality, it is easier for you to change the directions in your dreams.

When you encounter difficulties in your dreamscape, you can simply dream up multiple outcomes of the situation and choose which one feels best to you. By doing this in your dreams, you will train your mind to resiliently find the best plausible outcome of any situation and you can use that to make the same kind of changes in your manifested reality.

You have much more control over your current reality than you have been led to believe.

When you understand this, you will naturally start to free yourself from other people’s expectations of you and you will be able to follow the guidance of the Big SHE, as SHE is leading you by your emotions, both in your dreamscape and in your current reality. In many ways, you could say that your ability to dream functions as a learning program on how to navigate in manifested reality.

It can be beneficial to work with dreams in a more structured way. If you want to see your dreams become your reality, then you need to dare to start seeing yourself as the main character of your own dreams. If you find yourself often being distracted thinking about other people, their life and their accomplishments, it’s time to bring your focus back home. You will always be better off minding your own business than comparing your current situation to what you think others are living.

When you compare yourself with others, you tend to either make yourself smaller or bigger.

Neither is beneficial to you. You may find it useful to look at others for inspiration, and when you are able to celebrate other people’s successes, you’re well on the way to finding your own. We’ll present you with a process for working with your dreams that will prove beneficial to you and will help you to guide your focus in the right direction. The process is called working your dreamscape reality. This process is designed to help you get a better grasp on your dreams.

When you dream, you’re totally free to dream up anything, as everything is possible. But when you want to bridge that dream into current reality, it becomes necessary for you to be able to see the steps of the stairway that you need to climb in order for you to reach that dream. Though you may not see every step totally clearly, it is beneficial to make a map that can connect the dots in your dreamscape reality.

Process: Working your dreamscape reality

  1. Finding pen and paper, you start by writing down all the things that you would like to experience in this lifetime. Go overboard and allow yourself to bring in every big and small thing that you can think of. Let your mind run free. Use at least 20 minutes for this part of the process. Write down as many details as you can come up with.

  2. Sit with the list and decide which ones of these dreams are the most important to you. You should now have a much shorter list with a few things that you really feel drawn to experience.

  3. Write out in your notebook what your life would look and feel like, and who you would be, if you were living in a reality where you could fulfil all those dreams. Be as graphic and descriptive as you can, writing down things you would like to own, places you would like to go, what your everyday life would look like, and be sure to connect to the feeling of having this would give to you.

  4. Bask in all the things and experiences that you want yourself to have. Don’t spare anything, because everything is available to you free of cost in your dreamscape reality. By doing this, you allow yourself to feel the abundance that is available to you through the creational process. Feeling it would help you to draw you closer to your current experience, but we suggest that you do this only because it makes you feel good right now. Write it in the present tense, as if you were living this right now.

  5. Looking at your dream-life as you wrote it, try to pick out those things that feel most available to you from where you’re currently standing. Picture yourself on a timeline from one to five years and look at how many of these things you think are possible for you to experience within the next five years. Try to put all the things you want to experience on the timeline by writing first the things that are more remote and should take you five years to bring into reality. Preceding to four years, three years, two years, and at last one. You now have a more graphic picture on how you can build the realization of your dreams step by step. This should make it more obtainable for your mind to see how you can actually create your dream.

  6. Working on achieving the goals of your first year can start today. Look at the things that you have written down for your first year achievements, and look at your current reality. Are there some things that you could start doing today that will make you come a little bit closer into achieving your dreams? Look for the baby steps. Don’t overdo anything and be sure to do only those things that you are drawn to. That may only feel like doing one little thing today. But as you work on this step, you will feel the elevation of stepping closer to your dreams and new intuitions and inspirations will be presented to you in order for the dream to come into fully manifested reality. Remember that your dream is already a fully created vibrational reality and all you need to do is follow the everyday clues and inspiration which make it possible for you to receive the fully manifested physical reality.

  7. We suggest that you keep track of and come back to working your dreamscape reality regularly. It is like a plant that needs your loving attention and nourishment to grow big and strong. You might even record your dream life vision and listen to it regularly to stay inspired and connected to the spark. You can listen to it during your meditation, in Savasana after your yoga practice, during walks in nature or even on your daily commute to work. Whatever works for you to stay inspired by your dreams.

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