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How to Enchant Your Audience Like a Mystical Dervish

He is the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen.

Egyptian skin, kind brown eyes, and delicate features make him look like a magazine model.

But his allure is not just physical. There’s something other-worldly about him.

The essence of beauty shines through his sinuous shape—a transmission of Divine radiance.

I’m about to go to my room when I spot him in the foyer. I need to stay. Something interesting is about to happen.

This young dervish looks like straight out of 1001 Nights:

Black riding boots, red harem pants, and a tiny vest covering his slim torso. A white turban wraps itself around his black braids. A long, colorful skirt tops off the outfit.

I take my seat at the glitzy hotel bar and turn towards the stage.

As soon as the Arabic beats came on the loudspeaker, he closes his eyes, takes a long breath, and starts his performance.

Sema. The pure dance.

Spinning round and round his axis, he takes quick, rhythmic steps. It looks as though his head and body are moving independently of each other.

He spins faster, tossing discs of embroidered fabric up in the air like a juggler at a fair.

When he gradually unbuttons his skirt, a second one reveals itself beneath the first. Skirt number one is flying towards the ceiling, while skirt number two still spins around his waist.

The longer he swirls, the brighter his light shines. God speaks through him.

I want to reach out and touch his graceful body.

Is he even human anymore?

“You like the entertainment tonight, huh, Nadja?” one of the animators asks me with a wink.

“Uhummm,” I mumble as I quickly pick my jaw back up from the floor.

The whole idea behind Sema is to transport the dancer and the audience into a state of temporary enlightenment.

Jalaluddin Rumi, the famous Sufi mystic and poet, first started whirling dervish ceremonies as a form of meditation.

He told his followers, “There are many roads which lead to God. I have chosen the one of dance and music.”

Rumi was also known as the “drunken Sufi” because he found God through beauty and embodiment.

The word Dervish means doorway.

He is a doorway to the Divine, a portal between the earthly and the cosmic world.

Through the sacred ritual, this young dervish became the embodiment of Divine Love.

Do you also want to be an embodiment of Divine Love, so you can create jaw-dropping experiences for your audience?

You can.

Think about it:

What makes you magnetic?

Your Divine essence.

I call this your Big She (or your feminine Soul).

When you align with Her, you receive infinite guidance, get your best ideas, and transmit your unique magic.

In life, love, and business.

Your brand becomes a 100% expression of YOU.

There’s no more competition because there’s nobody like you.

When you align with your Soul, you don’t work anymore–

You create.

Time can bend in magical ways.

Years turn into months, and months into weeks.

You’ll be bursting with creative downloads, excitement, and new ideas.

Because your Soul holds your most tremendous potential and is always guiding you into becoming the next highest version of yourself.

All you need to do is to practice embodying more of Her.

This really works.

Learn from someone who’s guided clients into jaw-dropping revelations, helped download strategic marketing advice, and channeled content that brought in raving reviews (and sales).

All from listening to Her loving guidance.


Embodied Love: A Self-Love Course for Conscious Entrepreneurs

In this digital course, I’m going to show you how to tap into your Divine essence and transmit that to others, so you can enchant your audience like a Sufi dervish (sans the swirling).

Discover how to…

  • Channel exciting content and create new offers with your creative genius (She holds all your best ideas)

  • Understand the truth about Self-Love (it’s much deeper than bubble baths)

  • Embody all the love you’ve always wanted from the outside

  • Free yourself from depending on other people for love and care

  • Feel infinitely worthy as a beloved child of God/dess

  • Soothe anxiety and self-doubt (whether it arises in work or relationships)

  • Shift your perspective of yourself from fear to unconditional Love

  • Make sense of painful situations and find the gold in them

  • Turn anger and frustration into power and productivity

  • Raise your consciousness and evolve into a bolder version of yourself

  • Build a long-term relationship with your Source of Love (your Big She)

  • Receive Her spiritual guidance on all things (including your business)

  • Trust your intuition and instincts more than your limiting beliefs

  • Let go of old misconceptions of who you are and what’s available for you

  • Overcome insecurities and be proud of the person you are becoming

  • Forgive the past and create a new, empowering vision for your life

  • Surrender the struggle and receive anything you desire with grace and ease

With this video course, you’ll also get:

  • 21-day mini-course. The One You Love will take you on a journey to deepen your Self-Love practice with extra teachings and daily practices. It’s a great add-on to your journey of getting paid to serve Love.

  • 4 guest expert interviews. Meet these renowned wisdom keepers and get their take on Self-Love: Michaela Böhm, Pema Salem, Aude Barras, and Charlotte Cronquist.

I might even add more soon.

Value: EUR 555 (Millions, really–this is a proven path to fulfilling your highest destiny, your Dharma. Because remembering the Divine is what this life is all about. And if you can serve your clients from that place of Embodied Love–well, there’s nothing more meaningful than this.)

Current cost, possibly never this low again: EUR 222

Take your seat on this sacred journey of becoming an embodiment of Love.

I can’t wait to see what magic you will make with it.


Nadja xo

PS: If you want to “download” your best ideas, enchant your audience, and get paid to serve Love, Embodied Love is for you. In this course, you’ll meet your Soul, your creative genius holding the highest vision for your life and business.

Get started now.

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