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How to forgive and be free

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Note: Through meditation, I’ve practiced to zoom out with my mind and to take on the higher view of my Big She. I then try to write from non-interference and from the perspective of source energy.

In the words of Marianne Williamson: “I’m the faucet, God is the water.”

When I receive those messages, it is written from the perspective of spirit. I’m just trying my best to get out of the way, silence the mind, and transmit whatever information wants to come through.

So let’s be clear about this: when I write “I” here, I don’t mean me, Nadja, but divine intelligence speaking through me at this point in time. My (Nadja’s) desire with publishing this here is that it will serve the people who need to hear it the most. I hope you enjoy.

On Forgiveness

“Forgiveness is what is required to let your heart be filled with your deepest joy. Yet you cannot forgive others unless you have fully forgiven yourself. You carry the heaviest cross on your own back. Why do you choose to put so much blame and guilt onto yourself? What purpose is it serving you other than to keep you in the hell of your own creation? Love asks for nothing, but forgives everything.

Forgiveness makes your soul light as a feather. You cannot let go and dwell with God as long as you're holding on to (self)-blame and resentment. While your mind may wonder how to forgive, your heart already knows the answer. Breathe, and let your mind relax. Let your loving heart respond to the question on how to forgive.

Your heart, the seat of unconditional love. Your heart, your direct connection to the divine. The meeting place between heaven and earth. Your heart knows that there is nothing you need to forgive, as there has never been anything to forgive in the first place. Remember this always: No one has ever harmed you. There is nothing to forgive. God has sent you nothing but angels and miracles.

For the human mind, this may be very hard a concept to grasp. You dwell in the duality of right and wrong, up and down, good and bad. This is not how it looks in the realm of the divine. Love has no opposites. Only form knows opposites. But you are not the form of what you think you are. You are not your body, your wealth, your mind, your human storyline. You are God-consciousness embodied in a human form in what looks like a single lifetime.

But all of this is nothing but an illusion. You are not limited to this one human body, where you are separated from other human bodies which have the potential to hurt your body. This is a misunderstanding. An illusion created to help you remember who you really are, beyond form. Because you cannot know up without down, warm without cold, love without pain.

Thus, you have chosen to experience yourself in a human body, with all the contrasts life on earth has to offer. To experience for yourself what it would feel like to be betrayed. To be injured, hurt, exploited. Yet this is not who you really are. You have forgotten your truth, your divine nature, and have come to understand yourself as a mere human being in a limited human body.

But I am asking you now, all of you, to wake up to experience the truth of who you really are. You are called. God has created humanity for the sake of experiencing yourselves as God. It is time that you wake up to this realisation. That is, if you desire to continue your experience as human beings in human bodies on this earth as this form of civilisation.

You have asked to do this, on a higher level. You have agreed, with me, to wake up to the remembrance of who you really are. I have sent you many teachers, and it doesn't matter who speaks my words. You will know that it is me talking by the resonance of the words in your body.

Search for the kingdom of heaven by forgiving yourself first. You cannot forgive others unless you forgive yourself, because otherness is an illusion. All is a reflection of your Self. There is no separation in God. You are me, and I am you. Forgive yourself by saying that there is nothing to forgive. Stop putting the blame onto yourself, and you will stop blaming others.

All is a reflection of yourself. And you cannot experience anything you haven't asked for.

Whatever you experience in this human life experience, you have called in on a higher level. You have asked for it into your experience so you can know,  and remember, at the deepest level, who you really are.

So know this my beloved children: you have nothing to forgive, because no One has ever done you any harm. You have nothing to forgive because the real you cannot be injured, hurt, or wounded. The real you is eternal being. The real you is endless knowing. It is without cause or need, without expectation or demand. It just is. Ever-present, ever-lasting love.

So I am asking you. If you are love, and love is all there is, what is there to forgive? See me in everyone, in everything, and you will know me. See me in the eye of your offender, see deeper than the eye can see, to only where the heart can hear. Can you remember who you really are? Can you remember who they really are? Can you know that all is well, and all is love?

Even in the darkest of moments, in the greatest pain, can you remember love? I know this is a lot to ask of you, my dear, beloved children. But the time has come that you remember who you really are, because you have collectively been asking to wake up from this darkness that you have created around your human life experience. I am telling you, there is nothing to forgive because you are eternal beings.

Not in body and mind, but in heart and soul. You cannot be separated from me. You are all that is. Now close your eyes and let my words sink into your heart. Like snowflakes on your face in winter, let the knowing of your true nature melt into your heart softly. Let it heal old wounds, pain, and resentments that you have been carrying around with you forever. It is time to ease these burdens, and once again wake up to the remembrance of your true nature.

I love you my children, and no matter how big the darkness, no matter how deep the forgetting of your oneness with me, I am always with you. Remember that. I AM ALL-WAYS WITH YOU.”


I had no idea what I would say next as I wrote this. My mind felt completely blank. The words flowed through my body and onto the page in a mysterious stream of consciousness kind of way. Tears came as I felt my heart expanding. I could never write like this from my head-space.

Personally, I even get a bit triggered by this whole God’s children thing. But I looked it up. And it’s in the bible: "I will be a Father to you, and you will be my sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty." And that’s a pretty old book, so there must be some deep truths in it for it to survive over all those centuries.

The way I see it is that through the eyes of God, we’re all innocent children, because God only sees from the perspective of unconditional love. God always sees us in our essence, which is pure love and light, not from our human storyline with ego and shadows etc. And that’s also what came through in the text. I like that perspective.

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