• Nadja Eriksson

How to love your breasts

As a woman, your breasts are a source of nourishment and life. Many women do not like their breasts; they think they’re too large, too small, or too saggy.

It’s time to remedy these misconceptions.

When you fully love your breasts, you tap into a field of creative power, joy, and abundance. Breasts can do so much more than nursing a baby or seducing a man.

Your breasts have the capacity to send out loving energy into the world. They are an extension of your heart-center, your source of love and radiance.

In the female body, the chest, heart-center, and breasts act like a plus-pole in a battery--they give off positive energy.

You have three power centers in your physical body: your brow center with its clarity, your womb space with its wisdom and creative power, and your heart, the wellspring of unconditional love.

Your heart center acts as a radar in the world. With it, you take in your surroundings and evaluate what’s beneficial for you and what isn’t. When you trust your body’s antenna and tune yourself to its guidance, life will feel much more effortless, simple, and flowing.

It’s only when you override the guidance of your heart with the reasoning of the conditioned part of your mind that you will run into trouble.

The small, fearful part of your mind is trying to steer you away from your innocence and intuitive knowing by convincing you that you need to be reasonable, follow the rules, not stand out too much or make a big fuss. It’s keeping you small, tame, and limited.

Yet your true power as a woman lies in knowing where your beauty and wisdom lies. It resides in the profound knowledge that your heart knows the truth and in any given situation, you can check in with your heart to receive its guidance.

Now, what does that have to do with your breasts?

Your breasts are the keys to your heart.

For many women, the heart is shielded, armored, and protected with thick layers of energetic defenses. Your natural innocence is obscured by the protection that started to get installed when you were hurt for the first time.

As a little girl, you were free and happy. Your innocent self-expression was untamed.

Unfortunately, most adults do not approve of such unbound joy, and they reminded you -sometimes harshly-, to shut up, sit still, and do as you were told.

You did not understand what was happening, but your nervous system signaled pain, and for lack of better knowledge, you placed a tiny layer of protection around your heart.

This process has followed you well into adulthood, where you feel stuck with a guarded heart that is safe and protected, yes, but also full of longing to reveal itself and share the love and joy that you know is available for you deep inside.

Loving your breasts is a small step toward coming back into contact with the fullness of your sacred heart.

When you allow yourself to appreciate your breasts and let go of any judgments your conditioned mind has placed upon them, you become free and independent of outside approval and the chase for outer perfection.

Forgive yourself for buying into the insane beliefs of the world and rise above the fear of not measuring up in your own body, and you will begin to experience yourself as the wise and loving queen you truly are.

Connecting with your breasts on a daily basis means more than just witnessing their size and shape in the bathroom mirror before your morning shower. It means showering them with loving attention and deep appreciation.

Exactly how you do this is up to you, but if you’d like some guidance in the right direction, here’s a practice you can try. This is an exercise in being, connecting, and deep energetic release, and it doesn’t have to take you more than ten minutes.

Your Daily Breast-Appreciation Practice

Begin by sitting in a cross-legged position, with a straight back, either on a meditation pillow or on your bed. If this feels hard to do, you can use pillows for more support.

Place both hands on your heart center in the middle of your chest, close your eyes, and take five to ten calming breaths into your heart and belly until you feel relaxed and like you have fully landed in your body.

Now take your breasts into your cupped hands. Hold them with the awareness of love.

Be curious, keep breathing, and notice what thoughts or feelings arise. Is there shame, insecurity, or guilt? Do you feel numb, bored, or even disgusted?

Notice how you’re judging yourself and the situation in your mind. How does that make you feel?

Allow whatever feelings arise, without judging them as good or bad or trying to make them go away. That also goes for pleasant feelings, such as self-love, happiness, or appreciation--simply notice what is there and see if you can stay with it.

Your feelings come from the conditioned part of you that likes to judge and compartmentalize your body and life experience into right and wrong, desirable or undesirable.

Don’t judge your judgments, just witness them, and let them be.

The point is not to make anything happen, but just to sit with whatever arises in your being.

Stay with whatever is arising, and keep directing your feeling awareness into your breasts.

Say hello to them. Express the kindest thing you can think. Acknowledge them for being there.*

Become aware of subtle shifts in energy.

Strong emotions may arise, or you might feel nothing at first. Whatever happens, allow yourself to feel it. Let the tears come; they’re like cleansing summer rain.

Travel through any and all emotions as they arise, and hold yourself in this process like a loving mother who’s comforting her child. But instead of comforting your physical child, you’re supporting your own inner little girl.

The more you do this practice, the more the old, energetic shields around your heart and breasts will soften into open love. This is how you not only begin to love your breasts more but you’re also slowly, patiently, opening your heart back up to radiance, innocence, and pure joy--your true nature.


*If your breasts are no longer there because you’ve had to have one or both of them removed, remember that the emotional blocks around your heart center are still there, and the energetic imprint of your breasts is also still present. (Maybe this is why some people have phantom pain after they’ve had limbs removed). In that case, just hold your hands over where your breasts used to be and proceed with the exercise as described.


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