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How you’ll always be remembered (new podcast)

What makes you memorable?

The valuable teaching you shared, or the personal story you told?

I say the ladder.

Looking back at my life and the people who most stood out to me, it’s always been because of some personal detail or funny quirk they shared.

Whether it was in a book, article, or podcast… the stories stuck.

Speaking of podcasts…

I’ve just been on Bodil’s Branding Podcast.

Bodil Bergman Hughes is a brand photographer new friend I met at LAMB, my favorite co-working space in Stockholm.

On the podcast, we chatted about my unusual journey from coach to copywriter, marketing without social media, intuitive pricing, and so much more.

I loved our conversation.

Have a listen!

On the web, Apple podcasts, or on Spotify.

Share it on Facebook or LinkedIn and tag me.

I always love that.

Have a great rest of your week,

Nadja xo

PS: The jingle is in Swedish, but the whole chat is in English!

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