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I've found my calling...!

Do you remember last summer, how I told you about that plant medicine journey I did just before Burning Man?

Well, we’ve come full circle!

When I embarked on the journey, my intention was to become more fully aligned with my life’s purpose.

I thought I’d expand into coaching and teaching on a bigger scale, creating new courses...

But no.

This medicine weeds out everything from your mind that’s not 100% aligned with truth.

So what happened?

After that ceremony, I’d completely lost interest in anything remotely close to wellness, personal development, or coaching.

Instead, I was drawn to copywriting.

Suddenly, I found myself signing up for courses on writing, marketing, and business.

Go figure!

It felt like a new ‘me’ had emerged from underneath the 'spiritual' self that had run the show for so many years.

I’d always been a writer, but in the past, the writing was serving my coaching business. I longed to write more, but there was this inner conflict because it felt like I needed to choose.

But then the medicine showed me loud and clear that I was born to write.

She also made me very humble.

It was as though she told my spiritual ego to “Sit!”, putting it back in its place.

Now, exactly one year later, the full manifestation has finally landed in my being.

I feel super clear and aligned with how I can serve.

I’m a feisty copywriter who empowers conscious entrepreneurs to express their unique brilliance with words that seduce and sell. (non-braggy tag-line?)

To celebrate, I’ve created a sexy freebie for you.

Check out my 5 Smart Copy Secrets Every Conscious Entrepreneur needs to know.

And if you have friends or family who have an online business, tell them about it, so they can get in on the action too!

Now YOU.

Are you fully aligned with your passion and purpose? Or is there a longing to change direction? Write and tell me about it, I’d love to hear from you!

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