• Nadja Eriksson

Let's be warriors of brutal softness. An intimate chat with Aisha Salem

Do you know what feminine empowerment *really* means?

Sadly, the women's empowerment movement of today has gone a bit awry, steering away from gender equality and towards creating new, different imbalances. All this is happening much to the detriment of compassion and humility -- we as women are misusing our influence to (unconsciously) enforce guilt in the masculine.

With great power comes great responsibility, and unless we fully assume this responsibility, we fall into the trap of collective resentment and (not-so) subtle hatred towards men. IMO, this has nothing to do with feminine power (which is, in essence, love), but with ego and unprocessed hurt.

In this heartfelt conversation, wisdom teacher Aisha Salem shares what our true weapons as women are: innocence and humility. This kind of feminine power is really about the disappearance of the ego -- the separate, single self -- and letting ourselves be filled up with the truth, gentleness, and fullness of the Divine Feminine itself.

Click to listen to the full conversation below. This was initially meant as part of the Bonus section of expert interviews for my Self-Love for Wise Women course, but this is so good, I just had to share it with you!

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And now, lean back and soak up Aisha's deep teaching.

With love always, Nadja xo

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