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My unexpected career transition

Can I help you?

It’s a question I get asked a lot whenever I enter any kind of store, especially in North America. Shop attendants are eager to please. Mostly their bosses, really, by making a sale.

I find this attitude rather annoying, so I always try to ward shop assistants off like pesky mosquitos on Swedish summer nights.

But they’re just doing their jobs, and selling their company’s products by being genuinely helpful is part of it. So is it just me who hates to feel like I’m being sold to?

If you’ve ever worked in marketing or sales, or even ran your own business, you know it’s no different. Except that now, you’re the boss, and you want to please yourself with an overflowing bank account, am I right?

But as a conscious entrepreneur--coach, healer, shaman, creative, teacher, leader--you have issues with sales. You think it's sleazy, difficult, or something you just have to do but much rather would avoid by binge-watching Westworld.

I get it. The struggle is real.

Over the eight-plus years during which I’ve offered life- and relationship coaching, asking for the sale was the hardest part. I loved to serve and help and support my amazing clients, but when it came to asking for their money, I felt embarrassed. As if money was somehow dirty. Shameful. Not spiritual.

With the help of my coaches, I’ve worked through these limiting beliefs. I’ve changed my attitude from fearing that I’m intruding to thinking that I’m depriving my (potential) clients of the gifts I have to offer when I am hiding and not selling my work.

Shifting my mindset from thinking that “selling is stealing people’s money” to “not selling is depriving customers of the benefits my products and services have to offer” felt incredibly empowering.

Now, I’m no longer afraid of marketing and sales, because I adopted the belief that selling is serving.

How about you?

Are you one of the many conscious entrepreneurs out there who have trouble with marketing and sales?

Most of these people’s websites are cute, friendly, and welcoming; but they don’t convert. I’m not drooling over their offers like, “Hell yeah, I need this, here’s my credit card!”

But if you don’t market your awesome ideas and creations to as many people as you can, then why are you in business? If you’re not making enough sales, you have a marketing problem.

As an entrepreneur, you need to do many things at once: aside from serving your clients with your deepest heart’s gifts, you also need to do your accounting, develop new products, and market them to your tribe.

Thankfully, there are things that you can outsource, such as your copywriting.

Me, I did all of that myself.


Because I love writing. And I love to tell stories. It comes naturally to me.

So natural, in fact, that once I started my first blog back in 2012, it took off fast. Word spread, and friends kept hiring me to write their website copy.

But that was just the beginning.

Soon, people asked me to ghostwrite books for them.

One couple invited me to Hong Kong for an all-expenses-paid 10-day coaching intensive.

And my now-husband became so obsessed with me that he told all his friends to never give up until they found a woman like me after reading one of my articles.

Words are much more powerful than you think. They can change your world and the world of your customers.

So why did I not continue with my life coaching business?

To be honest, after 7 years of 1:1 coaching, I needed a change. I was ready to go full-time with my writing, but I was hesitant. Would I be able to make a living as a writer?

Then, at around Burning Man, I experienced a deep and profound spiritual revelation. The guidance was clear: I was no longer to compromise with my calling.

So I wrapped up my coaching business and, upon returning home from Burning Man, started my new copywriting biz.

Now I help conscious businesses and creative entrepreneurs find their true voice and share their stories, so they can impact more people and sell their great work without feeling sleazy or self-conscious.

My services include:

  • Advice columns

  • Articles

  • Bios (short and long)

  • Brochures and white papers

  • Book proposals and agent queries

  • Book manuscripts (writing and editing)

  • Defining your target audience and brand voice

  • Digital product content (courses, workbooks, etc.)

  • Email marketing launch campaigns

  • Email Newsletters/ welcome sequences

  • Podcast-, Webinar-, & Video scripts

  • Product descriptions, names & labels

  • SEO optimized blog posts and website content

  • Taglines

  • Website copy (Landing-, About-, Product-, and Sales pages)

  • And more!

If you’d like to hire me to help you with any of the above, get in touch and tell me what you need. Or, if you know someone who wants help with this, just forward them this post so they reach out themselves.

Thank you! I appreciate it.

Remember, marketing and sales do not have to feel icky or weird. You're helping people make their lives better.

Making money online can be fun, playful, and creative, like knitting a romper for your sister’s new baby.

Let me help you get your words right, so you can go from stuck to unbound in your online marketing.


Nadja xo


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