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Stop Taming Your Inner Wild Woman!

Last night, my girlfriends Sanna and Sunny came to my place for a sleepover.

I’ve been longing to open up my home for more gatherings, and I was excited to see them again.

We snuggled up on the soft sheepskins I’d spread on my white linen sofa, lit candles, and listened to celestial music.

Everything was peaceful and calm… until Sanna decided she needed to get up and make food.

“I’ve brought this ready-made tomato soup. Who wants some?”

“Yes, please!”

Sunny is lying on the sofa with me as Sanna gets up to find a pot.

“I’m okay,” I say, hoping she won’t turn my white kitchen into a spotty mess.

My heart beats faster as I envision orange stains specking my beige linen curtains.

“Could you please draw the curtains aside?”

She can’t hear me.

Instead, she turns the stove high and heads off to the bathroom. Without putting the lid on the pot…

As soon as I hear the sound of soup boiling, I jump up in a panic.

Sunny bursts into wild laughter.

“Oh my God, Nadja! Right… Where’s your dishcloth?”

“Umm, it’s hidden in the cleaning cabinet.”

Now Sunny can’t contain herself anymore.

“What?! You’re hiding your dishcloths?!”

“Yeah, why not? They’re not that pretty.”

“OMG. Any signs of life are hidden away. Your place is always ready for a photo shoot. It can go into the next edition of this Kinfolk Home book here.”

Now we’re both on the floor, crying from laughter.

The ridiculousness of my perfectionism doesn’t escape me.

“The color palette of this apartment isn’t made for tomato soup,” I shriek.

“But again, a psychic friend recently told me my place needs more red!”

This year, I spent months waltzing through interior design books, created Pinterest boards called “Nest” or “Home Inspo” and combed the internet for the perfect white throw pillows.

I’m obsessed with beauty. My home feels clean, modern, and pretty minimalist.

Sanna comes back and grins.

“Please don’t panic, Nadja, but I’ve put a plastic bag into your bathroom.”

I’m dissolving into laughter. We’re cracking up so hard I’m worried the neighbors might hear us.

This is when I realize I’m still keeping myself in a neat little box, suppressing my inner Wild Woman in favor of the Good Girl.

Perfectionism was passed down from my family. Nothing gets to be messy.

“I was waiting to see how long it would take you to notice this puddle,” Sunny says.

“This is nothing,” I say in my defense as I’m wiping away some water from the white marble dining table.

“You should see my dad. He’d lick this table clean. And clean out the oven before we’d even finished eating.”

Each time I’m in such a situation with my friends (who are allowed to lovingly tease me), I realize how much I’m micromanaging life.

Not just in my home.

I do the same with my body, schedule, and my relationships.

Because how you do anything is how you do everything.

Now you might be wondering, what does Nadja’s neat home have to do with my online business?

Here’s what I can tell you:

Not every email, blog, or Instagram post has to be actionable tips or expert content to add value to your audience’s lives.

Sometimes, you add value simply by sharing a story. Making someone laugh on a gray and cold winter’s day can brighten their mood and shift their energy.

Plus, stories create a stronger emotional connection between you and your readers than any actionable tips ever will.

Stories are more memorable than facts and figures.

I’m creating a new online course to help you engage your audience and spread your message with your stories.

The seed has been planted.

Now I'd love to hear from you:

What are you struggling with when it comes to telling your brand stories? What would you love to learn more about? And what stories do you most vibe with?

Please send me your questions!

I'd love to hear from you.

By the way, I'm happy to report that no tomato soup stains made it onto the curtains. And the soup was delicious...



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