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Stop the struggle of writing about yourself (how to get paid to serve love)

When new clients come to me for sales copy, they usually have been tinkering with it alone first. (Only to find it so frustrating, they eventually gave up).

Frustrating not because they don’t know how to write well. That’s secondary.

Their primary concern is that they find it hard to write about themselves.

The biggest challenge most conscious entrepreneurs struggle with is seeing their greatness and expressing it in a way that does justice to their true qualities.

I’ve worked with accomplished business leaders who have an impressive track record of success, but when I challenge them to ask their big-name clients for testimonials to put on their new website, they get scared and find excuses.

I have tantric friends who are magicians with energy. They can open up a room with hundreds of dancers to deeper love, connection, and ecstasy. Yet when I encourage them to share their gifts, they flinch because they’re worried they’d make it about themselves.

I know photographers who have over two decades worth of experience with their craft, yet, they refuse to put their names on a website because they think the images should speak for themselves. Who cares about the artist, anyway?

I could go on and on…

My people have so much to give, but they’re full of self-doubt, fear, and criticism. They think they’re not good enough or shouldn’t go too big.

Maybe you, too, have the propensity for hiding.

It’s often the case with big-hearted, deep humans.

Insert any job title, from writer to voice coach, and you will find incredibly gifted people holding back because they believe they’re not worthy of success. (I should add that gender has nothing to do with this. I’m seeing this pattern in women and men alike.)

But why, really?

You could blame it on your non-enlightened parents. Or that you didn’t get enough encouragement to realize your inherent worthiness. Or that you got bullied in middle school.

And then what?

I’ve done enough therapy and healing to know I am loved and eternally held. I don’t need to find faults in the past anymore or be a victim of my traumas.

What keeps me up at night these days is the realization that a hundred years from now, we will all be gone and forgotten.

Nobody will remember you or the people you once loved.

All that remains from your fleeting days on earth is your unique magic. The memory you left in the cosmic record of a life lived well, a heart given fully, talents well-used for the benefit of all.

Isn’t that what it’s all about?

To serve love and thereby raise consciousness, so we can co-create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible?

It pains me to see so many inflated egos demanding attention without giving any love. The Trumps and Kardashians of this world do not worry if they’re serving love and truth, yet they have no problem hyping themselves all day long in front of the media.

So why are so many conscious folks still playing small?

Who are you to waste one more day of your precious life hiding your greatness?

How long will you still be holding back from offering your deepest heart’s gifts?

Love wants to express itself through you in this world, and you must start owning it fully.

Not to inflate your ego, but to serve love.

If you find it hard to navigate the fine line in between, here’s a mantra I learned from Marianne Williamson:

“I am the faucet. God is the water.”

In other words, the miracles come from universal intelligence, but they still flow through YOU. This makes you a vital part of the magic, and you should never diminish your value in your utterly unique co-creation with the Divine.

I know you long for that. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this.

So... This is where my gift comes in.

Part of it is to see you in your true greatness.

I can tune into you and see the big picture vision of your purpose, gifts, and talents.

It’s all over you.

(But since we cannot see ourselves, it helps to have someone look in from the outside.)

Once I get my hands on your business, I find it easy to lift you up and make you shine in your brightest light (both through brand consulting and writing copy that seduces and sells).

So much so that you might cry from feeling so seen and heard. (It happens. A lot.)

Or feel slightly intimidated because your true greatness is staring back at you from the page. (That also happens.)

Do you want to save time and frustration struggling through self-doubt while staring at a clean white page?

Let me help you!

Together, we can bring out your magic far better than you can do on your own. (It might be my background in coaching.) Whether this happens through brand-and marketing consulting or magic copywriting, I’m here to support you.

Because I want you to get paid to serve love.

Want that too?

Thought so.

Why wait. Let’s make you shine now.

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