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Surrender to love, be a leader

I never thought I’d have to facilitate a threesome.

After all, I’m used to being in the company of activated humans, where tantric magic happens effortlessly.

Yet here I am, cross-legged on the floor, surrounded by two gorgeous men eagerly anticipating my next move.

“Alright. Let’s take a moment to land here and now,” I instruct them.

“There’s nothing that has to happen. This is all about surrendering to Love. How can we open to HER guidance that comes easily when we drop from the head into the body?”

They nod and smile. Noted.

I’m not surprised. They’re both devoted yogis who have had a strong spiritual practice for years.

It’s just that their spiritual path is one of purity and detaching from desires, while my tantric journey has always led me to embrace desire and welcome every aspect of my humanity, including pleasure.

Especially pleasure.

When I first met Ben and Chris over ten years ago, I had only just embarked on this tantric path.

However, I’d already discovered that I had a knack for opening men’s hearts.

It was a pattern:

I’d meet a new lover, and we’d share deep intimacy that opened us to HER unconditional love.

This imprint was the taste of sweetness they needed to find their true beloved–often within weeks of our meeting (and after having been single for years!).

I felt a mix of pride and frustration…

Why couldn’t I date one of these hotties? Am I forever going to be the priestess who does her magic only to lose them again? Oh well, nothing is permanent…

But I digress.

Back to our three-way story.

“Who is the one who needs the biggest boost in energy right now?” I ask.

Chris raises his hand.

“Cool. Please lie down in between us and we’ll take care of you.”

As he rests his tattooed body on the mattress, I can feel his nervous tension.

Neither of them has done anything like this before.

They have only ever been in long-term relationships with equally devoted yoginis.

This was something else.

After about 20 minutes of gently massaging his body, we take turns, until everyone feels relaxed, grounded, and open.

A couple of pleasure-filled hours later, our little love ceremony comes to a natural conclusion.

We close the space as we opened it–with sharing, prayer, and gratitude for each other and the magic we shared.

See how easy it is to lead?

All you have to do is speak from your inner authority, guiding people with what naturally comes through you.

I’m not even a certified tantra teacher, but they looked to me like I was because I led them through a transformational experience.

If you want to be a leading expert in your industry, be bold and share what you know.

You don’t even have to know everything. You’re always learning and expanding. But as long as you’re hiding and hesitating, you’re depriving the world of your God-given gifts.

So why are you not (yet) reaching the level of impact and income you desire?

My guess is that you’re confused.

Many of my clients feel drained by the left-brain marketing strategies out there that don’t resonate with their deepest hearts.

As a result, they stay stuck in confusion and self-doubt for years, when the world so desperately needs their voice.

Who are you *not* to be part of all the bright leaders relentlessly sharing their message to raise consciousness on the planet?

Take it from me because… I know. {channels the Divine Mother}

God has put you here for a reason, and feeling confused about marketing should not be an excuse for *not* leading with Love.

Thankfully, I can help you get there.

Say hello to.... Lead with Love

My new mentoring program empowers you by guiding you into the connection with your inner Voice, which has all the answers to questions like:

-What is your message?

-What does your brand stand for?

-Which stories should you share to move people emotionally?

-How to position yourself as a recognized expert in your industry?

-What are your core offers, and how do you authentically sell them?

-And so much more…!

Imagine weaving my experience and knowledge and your vision and wisdom into an embodied transformation that allows you to walk confidently as a leader of the new Earth…

Serving Love in the way only YOU can.

After having done this Work with clients via Power Hours and VIP Days over the last three years, my Soul now guided me to develop this into a longer mentoring program.

Because I know from experience that lasting transformation doesn’t happen overnight.

It requires consistent attention, which is why this mentoring container requires a minimum commitment of three months.

This way, you have space not only to become the embodiment of your sacred brand but also to address any self-sabotaging beliefs and stories that are holding you back internally.

(Trust me, we all have them. Successful CEOs have taken down their own companies single-handedly because of them.)

Are you ready to Lead with Love and change the trajectory of your career?

Click here to apply.

I want you to join me! Oh, and if you live in Stockholm, we can meet live in person. I have a lovely space and serve delicious snacks.

Note: The price will go up, so don’t wait.

Join me in service to Love!

Nadja xo

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