• Nadja Eriksson

The healing power of sacred sex

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Sex is a way to open up to God. Sex can bring you the deepest pleasure and the greatest joy. Sex can ignite the flame of wisdom and deep inner power inside of your body. Sex gives meaning to life by bringing you back home to God, in and through your body. Melting into the One of spirit through the two of flesh.

But for centuries, sex has been used as a tool by men and women to manipulate and control each other. "You give me that, I give you this." Sex is still used today as a means of exchange for money, material goods, praise, procreation, love and affection, companionship, reward, and most of all, power. The only thing you haven't used sex for -yet- is what it was divinely intended for: to remember your true nature. To remember your true home in God, your union and oneness with all that is.

When you make love, think therefore not about what you can get. Think of how you can serve each other more open to love. Feel deeply into your own body. Feel the subtle sensations of wonder and stillness. Let them surprise you. What your body is capable of, you can only begin to imagine. If you use it right, like any tool, it can provide you with the most magnificent experiences of your own divinity.

Coming home to consciousness and finding your true nature through lovemaking is not a means to an end. It is only the beginning. The beginning of our collective, human awakening. See it as a game. You are learning. Play it lightly. Try not to become rigid and stuck with anything that you're seeing in your current life experience. When the moment comes, relax. There is nothing you have to do, nowhere you have to go, but home. Which is always available, deep inside of yourself.

Sex is healing. When done in the right way, it can heal old wounds and sexual trauma. Both in yourself as well as in the collective consciousness of women and men. Both sexes are wounded, in different ways. The wounds of the collective feminine are around submission and sexual abuse; the wounds of the collective masculine on the other hand stem from the disconnection from love and the heart-space.

Both are in need of healing. There is no value in pointing the finger and blaming each other for the harm that's been done. Only love and forgiveness extended from the heart and the deep understanding of the mind can bring about healing in the present moment. Let bygones be bygones, and focus on what is available now.

Through the power of your imagination, you can create a new possible future for yourselves, one that looks nothing like the past. When you heal all distress and trauma from the body, it will release its grip on you, and you will be free. Free to stand in love and in the light of your true being, where the Great I AM is one with you.

Peace that passes all understanding is available to all of us through the connection to the divine. Because it is you, it cannot ever be taken away from you. So remember this: "Nothing that is untrue can last, and nothing real can ever be threatened. Therein lies the peace of God." (free after A Course in Miracles).

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