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The mystical power of the winter solstice

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

The winter solstice is the ultimate still-point of the year. A window in time where the heavens and earth come into perfect alignment. It is the pause between nature's in-and out breath. That time has a great potential for setting intentions. When you become still and listen to nature, you can hear the heartbeat of the Divine.

Breathe Her, feel Her, love Her.

It is a good idea to perform a sacred ceremony that day. Call upon the heavens and the earth for good fortune and ask them to assist you on your journey into the underworld.

Everything in the cosmos is in perfect harmony. It may look chaotic, but it only appears to be. There is order to the point of perfection. Nothing happens that is not intended by divine intelligence.

Thus, on the day of the winter solstice, at around noon Eastern Time, when the sun and earth are in perfect alignment, reaching a still-point, you too can align yourself with the earth and come to a point of complete stillness.

Sit in nature, in a quiet spot, and meditate for at least an hour. Free from electronic devices, let your intuition lead you. Relax, breathe, and ask for your life to be handed over to the Goddess. If it's too cold to sit down where you live, you could also go on a slow, mindful walk.

Let Her cradle you in her hands, safely held in the arms of the Divine Mother.

You can ask for any support you need in your day-to-day life, and she will lovingly answer your questions. Let go, let go, let go, and surrender yourself over to Her loving and compassionate guidance.

Make your life a living prayer.

From there, you enter into a great time of stillness, silence, and solitude.

Winter is the best time for quiet contemplation, dreaming, and digesting the year that has gone by. Reap all the learnings and benefits from your past experiences. Take time to evaluate what you have learnt, how much you have grown, and who you have become.

Ask your inner being to help you extract the knowledge and wisdom you've gained from living a full year and life.

Because each winter is like a small death. It is symbolically preparing us for our final out-breath. How much are you willing to let go? To relax into being, to listen deeply, and to become perfectly still.

Animals know very well how to do this. They have no problem letting go, they are still connected to their instincts and through them to the Divine Mother. They gather in fall, and hibernate in winter. Like all of nature, they know how to cuddle up and rest.

Human beings have tried to outsmart nature by installing electric light and ignoring the cycle of light and dark. But by being one hundred percent "on" all throughout the year, we have missed the golden opportunity to create our lives ahead in the dreamtime of winter.

If we never slow down and take time to look inward, to contemplate, and to find rest, we deprive ourselves of the possibility to create from our deepest wisdom.

Instead of consulting with our intuition on the next steps to take, we solely rely our headspace, which is highly influenced by those around us, to make important life decisions.

Yet, your life is your own unique, lived experience, and you can choose to create the dream reality you wish to experience for yourself. No dream is too big or too small to be held by the Divine Mother.

Make it a daily practice to connect to your womb space, the seat of wisdom and the birthplace of your creativity and manifesting power. Place your hands over your womb, breathe deeply into Her, and ask: "What do you want me to know today? Please, guide me from within."

Silently listen for the answer.

The guidance can come in the form of images, feeling sensations, or intuitions. Trust these messages. Say "Thank you," while also being mindful of the loud, commanding voice of the doubting mind trying to argue with your womb wisdom. Trust that still, small voice within.

Remember to have a journal at hand, to record any hunches, intuitions, and nudges from your soul. By writing down your dreams and aspirations for the year ahead, you make them more real. Then use your working mind to expand on your intuitions and form concrete plans on how to turn those visions into manifested reality in the months ahead.

Keep it simple. Focus on what's essential, so you don't overwhelm yourself in the process. Ditch perfection, and follow your joy.

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