• Nadja Eriksson

The Son of God*

I sometimes get downloads of devotional poetry. Felt like sharing one here with you.

Nothing is as it seems.

You are all gliding through the mist,

In fragile little canoes,

Forever down the stream,

Endlessly searching for the truth.

Within you, a light.

The light of God;

A blazing flame in some,

A tiny spark in others.

There, someone lights a torch.

Pointing the way, in the direction of truth.

A teacher, a mentor, a guide.

The inner guide and the outer teacher are one,

For they speak with one voice.

In reality, there is no separation.

Only a thin veil keeps you from realizing this truth.

A dream of forgetting,

A veil of illusions you have created for yourselves.

When you awaken from your nightmares

And remember who you really are,

The heavens will rejoice.

We will sing songs of praise and glory

For the Son of God has finally come home,

Reunited in eternal peace with His loving Father.

God cannot be complete without you,

And no one can be left behind.

Every single part of the sonship belongs to the Father.

He longs for you and He wills for you to remember Him,

But He cannot coerce or force you,

For denying your freedom would be against His will.

He can only invite you, willing your awakening for you,

But you have to take that first step toward Him.

So come now, my friends, and take that step.

I am stretching out my hand from the other side of the shore.

My light shines brightly through the haze,

And if you have the eyes to see, you cannot miss me.

You can only ignore me, stubbornly insisting that I do not exist,

And that it’s all a lie.

If you do so, you are not only denying your Father,

You are also denying yourself.

Why would a Son of God diminish himself?

Why would he play small and mean,

If not for the illusion of separation in his mind?

You have split off from your Source,

Dreaming of a different home,

Alien to your true identity.

You are suffering

Not because God has punished you,

But because you have chosen

The arrogant voice of the ego as your mentor.

And yet, where has it led you?


The ego can never lead you home,

Because it cannot see.

Self-aggrandizement, illusions, and attack

Are all that it is worth.

The ego is blind and completely incompetent

As the inner guide on your journey.

Deny the ego and you will find the truth.

It cannot be any other way.

Claiming your power means willing with God.

There is no power greater than God’s,

And by sharing His will,

You become powerful beyond measure.

There is nothing a Son of God cannot do.

Will with Him and you will for the entire Sonship,

For you are all one.

Wish for your brother what you want for yourself,

And be the loving presence you long to feel inside.

Being it means sharing it,

And whatever you share will increase.

Share only love,

And only love can be shown to you.

Farewell for now, my friends.

Remember that I will never leave you;

For I am closer than your own thoughts.

I AM you.

*In traditional Christian understanding, the only Son of God is Jesus Christ.

In my understanding, however, the One Son is all of us, because there

is only One Being. If the words Father and Son alienate you, feel free to

replace them with Daughter or Child, and Divine Mother or Goddess.

Find what works for you.

Oh, you wanna spend some time learning to discern between the ego's

counsel and the guidance of your inner wise one? I've got you.

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