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Think you’re too old, too fat, or too broke? Do this instead.

Just before filming, my husband's mom had made us Kalbulle, a dish for Swedish woodsmen and hunters.

It was a beautiful day in June, and we’d gone out to the family cabin in the woods, where there’s no running water or cell reception. (I thought we were already living remotely, but this was taking seclusion to the next level!)

The sun was peaking in the sky, and the nearby lake was glittering with her reflection.

The perfect setting to shoot videos for my course, SELF-LOVE FOR CONSCIOUS ENTREPRENEURS.

I’d never been in front of a camera and had no idea how to do this thing. But I was determined to create this course because the subject of SELF-LOVE is close to my heart.

For years, I struggled with self-doubt and insecurity, making myself small, and feeling like I was never good enough.

But then, after co-creating a book with my bestie Ingunn, things started shifting.

I began to feel more confident and connected and got into the habit of perceiving myself with more kindness and compassion.

So I shared these concepts with other women, and they too got incredible results.

Creating an online program that would help women connect to self-love and WORTHINESS felt like the next natural step.

But as I sat there reviewing my first shy attempts of speaking in front of a camera, everything I’d ever learned about self-love crumbled to dust.

My ego was hitting me SO hard:

“Who do you think you are, making a course like that? Look at you--you can’t even speak in front of a camera. Besides, you look horrible. Your face looks so puffy, and you look old. Have you seen those lines around your mouth?”

Ouch. That hurt. (Women can be SO cruel to themselves, our standards of perfection so high.)

I was about to just give up altogether when I remembered to heed my own teachings and to call upon the counsel of my Big SHE.

So I sat on the ground and prayed, “Big SHE, you see what I’m doing to myself, and you feel how much it hurts. Please help me see this differently. Show me how it looks from your perspective.”

I immediately received Her answer.

“My dear darling, if you could only see how lovely you are! Look at you--your gorgeous green eyes, your beautiful long hair, your soft summer skin… You’re so loving, going through all this effort because you want to help others--I am so proud of you.”

I broke down in tears.

It wasn’t just HER loving words that echoed in my mind. There was also a very visceral feeling of a soothing presence within and all around me.

SHE comforted me like a mother whose baby is crying. Or like a wise girlfriend who supports her sister when she’s going through a tough time.

HER love and reassurance are available for you too, ALL THE TIME.

SHE is always there for you--you only need to call upon HER.

Remember, SHE is nothing outside of you. SHE is the largest, wisest part of you, the part that’s in direct communication with the Universe, and who holds the highest perspective on your greatest potential in life.

In fact, SHE is YOU.

You have only forgotten HER.

Sister, now it’s time to remember HER, to invite HER back into YOUR life, and to RISE together with HER to become the powerful QUEEN you are meant to be.

I love you. SHE loves you. The whole Universe loves you.

EVERYONE is on your side, conspiring toward your success and fulfillment of ALL your dreams and desires.

If these words touch something deep and ancient in you, and you feel an inner “YES!”, know that this is HER, nudging you to come closer.

Here’s the truth: Self-love is a process, not a destination.

It is the process of becoming more and more of who you really are, your Big SHE.

Perceiving yourself as God perceives you IS the natural process of spiritual awakening, a.k.a. enlightenment.

This journey HOME never really ends, it just gets a whole lot easier.

I finally managed to shoot all the videos, and after HER love-bombing me that day, filming became fun and easy.

And now, after years in the making (and re-making), SELF-LOVE FOR CONSCIOUS ENTREPRENEURS is finally ready.

Registration is open. Why wait? Claim your seat on your heart's throne now, queen!

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