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What is the essence of your brand?

What makes you, YOU?

No matter if you’re a coach, photographer, or CEO, you have a personal brand.

In fact, would go as far as to suggest that you are your brand.

Your brand is what the world thinks of you, how people see and perceive you.

So why not bring ALL of YOU into your brand?

I’m sure you have interests outside your profession.

Maybe it’s rock climbing, BDSM, or poetry. Whatever it is, show us.

My biggest passion, apart from writing and brand storytelling, is Tantra–spirituality with your eyes wide open.

As a Tantric practitioner, you try (and forget, and remember again) to see the Divine in everyone and everything.

Shakti, or the Big She, as I sometimes call Her, is the one who breathes Life and Love into all things.

You can find Her in the eyes of your child, in the womb of your lover, and in the whisper of the wind.

She caresses your naked feet as you walk through the grass in summer, and She kisses your cheeks with the autumn wind.

And yes, She even lives in your business, expressing Herself through your marketing if you allow Her.

Late last year, I struggled with “only” being a brand strategist and copywriter. I felt like a huge part of me was missing in this puzzle.

I thought this wasn’t spiritual enough, that I have so much depth and devotion, so I should do something more “holy”.

But the doubts didn’t last long. (Bless the fearful thoughts. After all, the ego is just trying to keep you safe.)

I did my 2-way prayer practice and asked my Soul for guidance.

The answer that came through baffled me. It was so obvious and clear, how could I forget?!

“God is in everything,” She said.

“There’s nothing that is not God. When you sit down to write, make it your sacred time with the Divine. Let your work be your prayer. It gives life to your Soul. God wishes you to feel joy in your creations, and when you invite God into your creative process, it will be joyful.”

Of course.

If all things are sacred, how could branding and marketing be excluded from that?

I wholeheartedly embraced my love for branding, copywriting and storytelling again.

And, instead of hiding my depth and devotion, which is such an intrinsic part of who I am, I decided to bring it front and center of my personal brand.

Now, my unique approach to branding weaves together strategy, story, and spirituality.

(Tantra, by the way, is a Sanskrit word that literally means “weaving together”. It’s all about marrying the sacred with the mundane, just like I’m doing now in my own brand.)

How about you?

Are there parts of you that you’ve been hiding for fear of not looking professional?

Maybe you’re a business consultant who loves punk rock? A developer who enjoys going to Burning Man? Or a photographer who loves to micro-dose magic mushrooms?

As long as it’s legal and doesn’t harm anyone, show your colors! (And if it’s illegal or harmful, I don’t know what to tell you.)

It makes you stand out from all the other coaches, consultants, and cupcake creators out there.

It makes you resonate with the right people–your people–and they will love and remember you even more.

If you still don’t know what your brand essence is, be still and ask your heart. It might already be super obvious to everyone else (duh), but we can’t always see ourselves clearly.

Ask your heart (because you can feel yourself), and if you’re still in doubt, consult close people you trust.

When you know, you know. Trust yourself with these things.

And if you need more support and deeper guidance on developing your personal brand and style, ask me.

I can help you with that in 1:1 mentoring.

Doors are now open.

You can apply by clicking here.

With depth and devotion,

Nadja xo

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