• Nadja Eriksson

What stinks like PMS-fart, looks like chicken breast, and tastes like vanilla pudding?

Did you guess right? 

I'm talking about my favorite fruit -- durian!

Which is, by the way, forbidden on all outbound flights from Thailand. For a good reason. Not only could it be used as a weapon (do a Google image search and you’ll see why -- Khaleesi’s dragon Drogo is a joke compared to that thing), it also smells like poop. People either love it or hate it. I’m in the lovers’ camp. 

The first time my husband Daniel and his younger brother saw me buy one for Christmas from a street vendor in NYC’s Chinatown, they despised it. Thought it was the grossest thing ever. But then we went to Thailand. Exactly two years later, Daniel tried it again. Uhmm… I made him. But I shouldn't have.

Because he fell in love. From that day on, we ended up competing over who could eat the most durian. We stuffed our bellies with this calorie-dense fruit until we couldn’t move anymore. 

Then we left the dangerously sharp peels lying around on the veranda of our Thai jungle lodge for a few hours. My second mistake that day.

We soon observed a swarm of tiny jungle monkeys climbing up our 20 feet high veranda, ravishing all the leftovers and peels they could get their little fingers on. Shocking, I know. 

What’s worse, it didn’t stop there.

Word had spread among those cute suckers that there’s food. The hype skyrocketed like when everyone went nuts over the gold rush in California. We just couldn’t get rid of the apes anymore.

When dad stepped out of the shower the following morning, he was greeted by a hissing simian just about to steal a banana. And dad's German pocket guide to Thailand, which this little monster flicked through with great curiosity. It wasn’t until dad threatened him back that he finally gave up and escaped.

What can we learn from those cheeky primates?

If you want something bad enough, go get it. Don’t give up until you’ve reached your goal, and don’t let anyone stop you on your mission. (Unless you’re a serial killer.) 

Being all nice and apologetic doesn’t pay off. You’ve gotta be “politely persistent.” (My agent once complimented me on that one.)

And badass, like Rihanna… I love Rihanna -- she’s one of my many girl-crushes. 

Now blend that with a pinch of Mother Mary’s unconditional love and you expand your spectrum of feminine energies. 

Wanna know who else is unconditionally loving?

You. Yes, I’m looking at you, GURL! 

Don’t believe me? Trust me, you have it in you.

But it’s one thing to say, “I love myself,” and another to realize, “Oh, I AM love.” 

That’s the aim of just about everything I teach in my Self-Love for Wise Women video course: to help you realize that self-love is *not* about convincing yourself to love all the parts about you that you don’t like. It’s about opening up to the idea that in your essence, you ARE unconditional love. When you sink into the sea of love that’s in and around you, you’ll start to perceive yourself and your surroundings differently. 

If you want me to lead you through these powerful meditations so you can feel that fuzzy, warm feeling of love’s fullness inside of you, you should grab it. I’ve tried and tested this stuff with some amazing women -- who loved it.

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xo Nadja

ps - I’m off helping myself to some more durian. Okay, not true. Fresh figs. But durian would’ve been reeeeaally nice as well.  


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