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When your heart breaks, let it break open…

When was the last time your heart broke?

Was it when you read the news?

When you saw a documentary about climate change?

Or maybe when your lover jilted you?

No matter. Human hearts break all the time. Every day, almost, a tiny fracture happens.

Someone says something that hurts you. A careless comment that goes under your skin, ripping it open ever so slightly. You let it slide because you don’t want to make a big deal out of it… but inside of you, there’s a little cut.

And so it goes until you become so guarded that behind all the layers of protection, you can no longer feel your heart.

So you get sad, lonely, and disconnected.

You want love, but you’re afraid to let it in because… what if you’ll get hurt again?

Your mind will tell you that it’s not safe to open your heart and give love because you might make a fool of yourself. You might be alone in your offering.

What if someone leaves you because you made a careless comment or an action that hurt them?

The risk is high. But the reward is great.

This is life. All of it. Nothing is happening outside of life. Everything's in it.

And all we can do, in each new moment, is to open wide.

Open amid the heartbreak. Open wide in the eye of the storm. Because what else is there to do other than to love?

The Sufi say,

I have a million hearts, so I can let one break in every moment it hurts.

Can you be this fearless? This free? This limitless in your courage to offer love without fail?

This is not just for you—it is for everyone.

Every being in this universe will benefit from you giving your heart fully to love and truth. We’re all connected.

Nothing is stopping you from offering your love now.

Nothing is hindering you from offering yourself as love to this world, right in this moment.

It is the only way to truly live.

Your gift is sacred. It brings healing and comfort to everyone. It has ripple effects that far outweigh the limiting concepts of mind–of what you think is possible for you to achieve.

The Buddha is said to have taught that it’s more powerful to send love than to give out a thousand bowls of rice.

Your contribution to the healing and homecoming of this world lies in your capacity to offer your deepest heart’s love in each new moment of now.

This is how powerful you are.

Did you actually believe you’re small, insignificant, and without anything to contribute?

Think again.

These are lies the ego is telling you. Cast them aside, because none of them is true.

You are powerful beyond measure because you have the power of God inside of you.

Don’t you know that the whole Universe is staring back at you when you look into your own eyes?

So. Are you sharing your heart, or are you closing it in fear, judgment, or hurt?

Are you shielding yourself, hiding in the shadows in smallness?

Or are you ready, willing, and able to come out into the light, open to the entire world, taking all the pain, suffering, and hurt and alchemizing it into pure love–the only thing that’s real in this physical world?

The choice is yours. Let your heart break, or let it break open.

What will you choose?


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