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How One Love-Letter Landed Me Over EUR 20,000 in Revenue

I am sitting at my white marble dining table. Tears are dripping from my eyelids, leaving big wet splashes on the pages of my notebook.

I’m confused.

“You mean I’m NOT these limiting beliefs…? But what's left then if I am none of this? What’s really true about me?”

It was a rhetorical question addressed to my inner voice. When words came from the stillness within, I'm almost surprised–

I am love. I am light. I am beauty. I am grace. I am truth. I am brilliancy. I am eternity.

I am God.

And so is everyone else.

So if you don’t see God in every one (every part of the ONE) or treat any living thing with anything less than love and respect, you're temporarily forgetting who you are.

The inner voice goes silent again, pausing to let me process this powerful truth bomb.

I’ve been searching for God since I was a first-grader writing poetry about eternity in my first notebook. And now, I finally remember that I am that.

Sure, I’ve heard this truth many times before, from several teachers. But truth without embodiment means nothing. Wisdom is gleaned from feeling truth deep in your bones.

Eckhart Tolle gently smiles down at me from the vision board above my desk. I look at his image thinking, "You know that you are God, don’t you? But you’re not talking about it in public. Because people would think you’re an egomaniac who’s lost his shit. But I know that you know.”

But hey, what do you care about my spiritual insights anyway? I'm not famous, so I can write about it all day long without much consequence.

My guess is that you’re here because you want to learn more about scaling your business with sweet words that seduce and sell.

And you’re in the right place for that. Some pointers to help raise consciousness along the way, however, are just part of this writer’s package.

What does my spiritual inspiration have to do with your advertising?

The great late Zig Ziglar famously said, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing — that’s why we recommend it daily.”

Do you think I always remember that I am love (and so are you, sweetheart!) as fully as I felt it a couple of weeks ago during this self-inquiry? Or the Easter message that there is no death that I got during a KAP session?

Of course not.

That’s why I need to remind myself every day by looking at the new tattoo I got or the poems I wrote.

The same goes for your customers. They also need daily reminders and motivation from you to get inspired to buy whatever you’re selling.

Help them remember why you care, why what you do matters, and how you help them solve their problems.

The more you do that, the stronger it gets.

Last spring, I posted an article called An Open Love Letter To All My Clients.

I wrote it from my deepest heart’s truth, knowing how much I love and care for my clients.

People could feel that.


Two new leads turned into big projects that leveraged more than EUR 20,000 in revenue.

This is how love has the power to seduce and sell.

We all desire to feel the love. And if you can infuse the words on your website, sales pages, landing pages, and emails with more of that love, you become magnetic.

Want that too?

I can help you. Just say the word.

We'll hop on a call to talk about how we'll express your unique brilliance and help us all remember who we really are (while making you good money to boot!).

Speak soon!

With love,


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