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Would you be into this?

This morning, I woke up at 5 am.

I heard a rustling sound coming from the kitchen, so I got up and walked downstairs in nothing but slippers. (I always sleep naked, even in winter.)

Opening the door underneath the sink, a tiny gray mouse slips out and rushes under the sink.

Down there, we’d already installed three mousetraps, chili peppers, and twigs of evergreens (it’s supposed to keep them out).

Results? Nada.

(Okay, we’d caught two last week, but that was it so far.)

Now, I’m all for loving animals. A part of me does not want them dead.

But then I remember when we had mice as housemates in the little summer house outside Stockholm (where we lived year-round):

Poo and pee everywhere--even on the kitchen counters. Paper bags of oatmeal ripped apart by sharp teeth and scattered all over the kitchen closet. Once, I even discovered three dead mice trapped in a tall IKEA glass jar. They managed to lift the lid off and got in there, but once they were trapped, they suffocated. Ugh.

But the worst part was the tiny white worms that moved into hidden places in my body. My pesky housemates had given us parasites. SO GROSS. I’m not going to say anymore, else you rush to hit unsubscribe. (Gasp!).

Why am I telling you this story?

To make you want to puke? To activate your inner animal-rights-activist, carrying a placard saying, “Save the animals?” Nope.

I did that already. 20 years ago. I also collected hundreds of signatures against animal testing in the parking lot of our local supermarket. But that’s a different story.

Mice are resilient little furballs. When it gets cold outside, they find a way in.

They don’t give up.

Hell, they’re even smart enough to lick all that peanut butter off a mousetrap!

You know who else is smart and resilient?

You. Yes, YOU!

We’re almost through this dumpster year that’s 2020, and here you are, reading this email. This tells me that you have a laptop, electricity, and WI-FI. And you’re well enough to check your email. Woo-hoo! #gratitude

What else?

Maybe you’ve had a baby this year (Congrats!), or you’ve started writing your first book (Oh, I feel you!), or maybe you’re launching a new website for your business (I see you, creative entrepreneur pulling your hair out over an About Page-sitch).

If you’re about to launch (or rebrand) your website, read on. I’ve got a special something for you:

My company, Miracle Writers, is currently launching a new initiative called “Miracle Makeovers” where I help you make your marketing a 100% expression of your amazing and unique self.

I rewrite your website copy (or anywhere else you need magic words that sell) to stand out and connect with your ideal clients, so they fall in love with you and want to buy from you again and again. AND you get 50% off of my usual fee in exchange for letting me publish your results on my website in the form of a case study.

Sounds great, huh?

I’m currently recruiting new applicants for November and December, so if you’re stressing over your messaging and want my professional eye on your words with 50% off, hit me up!

Just fill out my application form, and we'll set up a FREE clarity call to map out how I can best support you.

I can’t wait to get my fingers on your copy.

Hurry--only 8 spaces left in 2020!

Until next time, Nadja xo

PS: You skimming? I see you. Here’s the deal. So far, this autumn brought two things--mice and Miracle Makeovers. While the first one is a pest, the second one is an awesome initiative I started to help you take your website from “meh” to “wow” all while giving you 50% off my usual fee. Want your results featured as a case study on my website? Reach out, and we make your baby look all shiny and new!

PPS: Know someone who’s looking for help with their marketing and branding? Forward them this post, so they can get in on the action too!

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