• Nadja Eriksson

You're invited to the party!

Do you remember when, back in high-school, all the popular girls would host fancy parties at their private homes?

They’d gossip about each other’s (ex-)boyfriends, get bad s#*t drunk, and do things they’d totally regret the next morning (like posting drunken selfies on Instagram). 

Although I grew up before smartphones and Social Media became popular, that’s how I’d imagine it could’ve been.

I say “imagine” because I’ve never actually been invited to such parties. Only the cool kids are, am I right?

Not sure about you, but I was not that cool.

I was soft-spoken, highly sensitive (Mieeeeep!), and introverted, so I never made it to the top of the popularity contest.

Instead, I played the part of the rebel. 

At 16, I moved to England, made friends with artists and Anarchists, shaved off all my hair, and then painted the stubs bright red. When my parents came to visit six months into my stay, they didn’t recognize me waiting at the airport. 

This is me in the year 2000, posing for my best friend’s tribal art project. The jacket? A 1970s hand-me-down from my grandpa. Cheerful, hmmm?

You know what? I was hurting.

And rather than let anyone hurt me again, I decided to shut down and to not let people come too close while trying to be invincible. 

How did I end up there?

Well, after having been bullied for over three years in middle school, I was dumped by an A-hole boyfriend who couldn't help but spread all the intimate details of our new relationship across the entire schoolyard.

That’s when I decided that enough is enough. 

All I wanted to do was stay inside and read books while secretly eating too many chocolate chip cookies. 

Food addiction is just like drinking on your own -- you’re trying to dry your tears with a substitute for love. But alcohol was too strong for me... So I made sugar my drug of choice.

Bridget Jones could've been my bestie. 

Of course, what I was really longing for was love, connection, and acceptance. 

But the more I was seeking it on the outside, the more it evaded me, and the more miserable I felt. 

The metaphysical text A Course in Miracles teaches that everything is either an expression of love or a call for love. *This* was definitely a call for love. 

Fast forward to today, 20 years later.

Each morning, I wake up next to the most gorgeous man in the world, my extraordinary husband Daniel. His big smile always makes my day, no matter how grumpy, anxious or distressed I feel upon waking. (And YOU deserve such an amazing partner too. Hell, every girl does!)

Work feels like pleasure as I do what I love every day -- contemplating life while writing away behind my slim laptop, diligently typing words until my brain gets dizzy and have to excuse myself to head out for a long walk along the canal. *Thoreau would be proud.* 

Plus, I get to party with Berlin’s cool kids -- unapologetically tying my long hair back into a high ponytail, adjusting the black-and-gold leather collar from the kinky Christmas market on my neck and strutting around KitKat Club in my studded Frye cowboy boots. 

What’s this story got to do with you? 

It’s a real-life example of how your experience can positively transform when you finally stop fighting against life and let true love in. 

During the past 20 years, I’ve been a serious truth-seeker. 

I’ve worked so frickin’ hard on myself, turning every spiritual stone, reading any self-help book I could get my hands on, and attending a shit ton of relationship seminars and tantra retreats. 

I was so obsessed with personal growth and spirituality. It was the biggest priority in my life and it’s taught me so many things about life -- I could (and will!) write more than one book about all of this. 

The biggest lesson I’ve learned?

You are everything you’re longing for. All the love, joy, peace, and acceptance you desire lies within you. You access it by nurturing your relationship with the deepest, wisest part of you. 

The part of you that’s eternal, immortal, and always home with God. Your higher Self, your Soul, or as I call Her, your Big She. 

When you listen to Her quiet whispers in your heart and follow the guidance only She can offer, your life will radically transform for the better. 

Her guidance is not just for some of us, it’s here for all of us. You only need to ask and tune in to the answer. It’s in you. 

A couple of weeks ago, my girl Clara and I got together in my living room to shoot a video, where we talked about your inner guidance, the love of your deepest, wisest Self, tantric orgasms, and so much more. 

I’d love for you to watch this free video and get inspired. It’s like attending our private party to meet your new friends -- in my beautiful living room. 

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