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Your magical vagina: You just gotta love her!*

In the last post, we discussed how to love your breasts and heal your heart, so you can feel fully alive and loving. This article is a sequel that takes you deeper into the dark and mysterious parts of your body--your vagina and womb.

Most women are fairly acquainted with their pussy (a.k.a. the vulva), which consists of the clitoris, the inner and outer labia, and the vaginal opening. This is where most women orgasm on, mostly because they experience their inner regions (the vagina, cervix, and womb region) as numb or painful. Yet they are the deepest places in which you can feel exquisite pleasure.

The vagina can be compared to a beautiful flower that must be wide open and fully ready before penetration

In most women, this opening does not occur naturally. Due to physical, energetic, and emotional blockages in the sex center, heart, or other parts of the body, her vagina does not want to open up.

When she is approached with love and patience, however, she naturally relaxes and breathes open. All premature penetration can, in the broader sense, be seen as a violation, which can be damaging or traumatizing. To prevent further sexual trauma and to fulfill their full sexual and spiritual potential, women need to become acutely aware of their bodies and learn to establish a deeper contact with their wombs and vaginas.

For some women, this whole region is under constant stress. Due to the way many people have sex (with friction-based penetration, high-vibrational sex toys, and other kinds of insensitive means to break the vagina open), she’s protecting herself with physical, energetic, and emotional shielding. This leaves the walls of the vagina and the cervix hard, feeling more like a dark cave than a soft holding place for a loving cock.

Sex should feel like eating chocolate with your vagina

An open and ready vagina receives the cock like her favorite thing in the world. A loving and soft vagina feels like deep happiness in the body.

The vagina contains the wisdom of the womb and the playfulness of the pussy. She’s soft and generous, and she can unconditionally love herself, the body she's in, and the partner entering her with love.

When the female genitals are treated in a hyper-masculine way, women tend to live out a more masculine sexuality. This kind of sexuality is mostly experienced on the outside of the body (through the clitoris orgasm, which can be compared to a man’s ejaculatory orgasm). But the female body was never meant to only feel pleasure on the outside. For your vagina to get ready for penetration, you must open up in larger parts of your body.

Female sexuality starts in the heart-center

Touching your breasts, neck, face, stomach, thighs, and other parts of your body will invite your vagina to open up. In deep sexual play (including self-pleasure), all three sex centers (mind, heart, and genitals) should be awakened. This will connect you to clarity, love, and passion. You can stimulate specific points in the body to reach this blissful state of intimate communion.

We will now guide you through the magical spots of a woman’s genitals, starting with the outer region, the vulva. It contains over 8000 nerve endings that come together in the clitoris. If you compare the pussy to a musical instrument, the clitoris would mark the highest note.

Rubbing this part of your body sends massive amounts of information through your nervous system to the pleasure center of your brain. This often results in a short-lived, peak-like orgasm of ten to thirty seconds, leaving you satisfied but not always content. The clitoris also acts as a gatekeeper to the deeper parts of your genitals.

When the peak orgasm pulses through your body, it sends a signal to your brain that sex is now over and that you should get on with your day. It makes it easy for you to put your focus on other issues (just like men after ejaculation) instead of being present with your partner.

This peak-orgasm stops the vagina from lubricating, getting ready for penetration, and engaging in further sexual play. You literally become turned off. Many women have trained themselves on the short-lived pleasures of the clitoris. They have never really explored the deeper joys of the vagina.

Opening up the vagina requires careful attention and more awareness than the short-lived peak orgasm provides

Your pussy also contains the clitoris’ legs. These legs are running from the clitoris out towards your inner thighs. Hidden underneath the skin are nerve endings that give a subtle, pleasurable sensation when stimulated.

The whole outer labia is a very sensitive area. Stroking it downwards to the opening of the vagina will help you lead the energy away from the clitoris and to the deeper parts of the vagina. This will open you up for penetration.

The inner labia are connected to both the clitoris and the outer opening of the vagina. It contains bundles of nerve endings which can be compared to those in a man’s scrotum. Stroking this area also leads to deeper pleasure.

Half a centimeter up from the vaginal opening, you'll find the urinal opening. It feels and looks like a little flower. It contains another bundle of nerve endings that awaken when touched. Highly sensitive women can orgasm from this bud.

On both sides of the vaginal opening, in the soft part behind the pubic bone, are the vestibular bulbs. The vestibular bulbs are sponge ligaments. When stimulated, they engorge like a man’s perineum. Their swelling is part of getting the vagina ready for penetration. When fully engorged, a woman will be longing for her partner, fingers, or tools to enter her. This is the signal that she’s ready for penetration. In this state, her whole body is relaxed and aroused at the same time, signaling her heart and body to open into sexual play.

In most women, these spots are dormant and in need of attention

When an area of the body hasn’t been attended to, the signals from the nervous system will subside. The brain doesn’t bother with information that seems irrelevant for everyday experiences. As a result, it is leaving these parts insensitive to the touch.

When a woman starts the awakening of her body, she should spend time training herself to connect to those dormant parts. (More on this in the chapter on self-pleasure.) When her body and genitals are awakened, her vagina is ready and will be longing for penetration.

The vaginal walls, womb, and cervix all contain countless spots from which you can release pain and receive heightened pleasure. One of the most famous spots lies one to two centimeters inside the vagina, towards the pubic bone. It’s called the G-spot and it is connected to the clitoris. You could call it the inner part of the clitoris, or her backside.

Caressing, stroking, or massaging the G-spot will result in either a vaginal peak orgasm with rhythmical contractions or a deeper G-spot orgasm. Relaxing the vagina and pushing the energy out will lead to squirting. For most women, the G-spot contains tension and can feel numb or painful when touched. It is possible to remove this pain through a process called dearmoring.

Use your abdominal muscles to press it outwards (like in giving birth or defecating) to release these blockages from your body. When the pain subsides, the block has left and you’ll be able to start feeling more pleasure from this area.

Let's move even deeper into the vagina

On the upside of the cervix, in the walls of the womb, you’ll find the A-spot. Stimulating it sends signals to the front of your body. This will activate the connection to your sex-center in the abdominal area, causing warm sensations in your belly. Stimulating the A-spot is often experienced as painful or numb at first. It can leave women feeling nauseous due to the connection to the stomach.

This is also where we hide our shame over being sexual beings. This pain covers your deep, open, and loving sexuality. When it subsides, you will feel a stronger connection to your feminine softness.

Releasing these blockages is often followed by emotional releases, like tears, anger, or even laughter. These are expressions of emotions stored in the deeper parts of your body. Opening this area up will leave you feeling free and liberated from the prison of emotional pain.

To release pain from the A-spot, hold it with a finger, tool, or penis and push the energy out until the pain subsides and relaxation enters your body. This dearmoring process is the same as used for the G-spot and any other part of your vagina.

Moving to the backside of the cervix, in the deepest part of your vagina, you will find the P-spot. This spot contains more hidden treasures. Pushing and releasing pain from this point will open up the energy and nerve endings on the backside of your body. It connects you to your lower back, your heart, neck, and shoulder region. Releasing pain from this area will leave you feeling open in the backside of your body, heart, and chest. The feeling of pleasure from this spot travels through you like waves into the inner organs.

Because of its connection to the vagus nerve, it marks the origin of the womb orgasm

This point is the perfect space for the penis to rest. A man’s energized cock can remove the pain from this spot almost without any pressure at all, by inviting you to open into the depths of your heart.

By patiently watching over you as you’re breathing and wanting you with love from his penis, your partner invites you to open the deepest parts of your heart. This can lead to the opening of the “Seventh Heaven” or the communion in spiritual love. When lovers meet like this, connected through genitals, hearts, and clarity, they open the doorways to the Divine, bringing heaven onto earth through their spiritual lovemaking.

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